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  1. How does seat selection work when booking direct with ATN? When I go on line it looks like I have to confirm a reservation and then call back for a seat assignment. Where can you see the upcharge for bulkhead seats. In your numerous trips how full are the ATN flights normally? Thanks, Greg
  2. Yes we have, last two trips to FP. Agree a really nice place and SOOOO convenient.
  3. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when we used to fly from LAX to PPT to cruise FP we have flown ATN and had very good experiences. Has anyone flown the Air France/Delta non-stops LAX -PPT; and, if so, how was it? The only reason I'm considering the AF flight is that it is a bit cheaper and it arrives in PPT at 0610 the day our ship boards at 1300 and sails at 2300. That gives us time for our adult kids (French Polynesian first timers) to see the Market and such in Papeete and then get on the ship. The ATN flight costs more and gets in at 2230 the night before necessitating an over
  4. If the pricing works for you I'd suggest a C1 (Deluxe OV)on deck 4 and amidship. We've got about 35 days on R ships in a C1. They are a slight bi bigger than the D (165sqft -vs- 143sqft) plus the "ledge by the window does offer storage or at least a place to put stuff (snorkel gear, reading material, excursion tickets, etc). What's really nice is that you're only one deck below the Barrista station outside the GDR and I could easily run up for a couple of double flat whites in the AM for DH and me 😉 . Greg
  5. This site: Oceania Cruises Remodeling Every Stateroom on Their Four Cruise Ships (cruisefever.net) indicates Nautica was scheduled for upgrade to OceaniaNext program in June of 2020. I can't find any videos showing this upgrade. We were on Insignia in the fall of 2019 (post refit) and we really liked the upgrades. One slight surprise was that the walls of the cabins are no longer magnetic. We normally take small magnets with us to post things (lists, itinerary, menus, etc) on the walls...can't do that in many places any more. You can find videos of Si
  6. Here's a link: Luxury Cruise Deals, Special Offers and Amenities - Oceania Cruises Scroll way down to bottom and you'll find Beverage Packages and "Wine By The Bottle"
  7. gdlamberth

    KML Test

    Fakarava's Lat Long: 16°18'37.15" S 145°37'28.41" W
  8. Eaton, Thank you so much for both of your posts!!!!
  9. https://www.onesourcecruises.com/xls/onesource/pc/marketing-materials/destinations/alaska/2022AlaskaSailingSchedulewithFaresandAmenities.xls Can someone share the code for initial amenity points, please? Seems to range from 2 to 5. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  10. Skynight Just wanted to say "Thank you!" for a complete, easy to read, non-judgmental answer. I did not ask the question; but, your helpful, thoughtful answer is exactly why I started reading Cruise Critic. Thanks for maintaining the tradition. Greg
  11. Does anyone know if adjoining balconies on Deck seven can be connected on Pacific Princess? On some Princess ships a door between adjoining balconies can be opened allowing people to move back and forth. Just wondering if we can connect our three balcony cabins pb our Tahiti Cruise Greg
  12. I've created a Roll Call for the 10 day PPT-PPT portion of the 8 February 2022 sailing. Just FYI.
  13. I want to add my thanks for posting this. The file talks about "amenity points." We've only been on Princess a couple of times and I'm not familiar with this term. Could someone please explain a bit? Thanks, Greg
  14. Received mine this AM, from a 4 April cruise canceled by Princess in the initial 60 voluntary pause. FCCs credited to account some time ago.
  15. We're looking forward to the cruise as a family vacation.
  16. It reappeared this AM. FWIW, my FCC has been decremented by the exact cost of this cruise (less taxes and port fees).
  17. This cruise that we booked for next year has dissapeared from my manage your bookings page. Any ideas why?
  18. I certainly didn't mean to imply, the Sea/Sun Princesses are bad ships. We REALLY enjoyed Sea on our circumnavigation of Oz (including the draft beer options and wrap around promenade). Just meant that we didn't think the balconies were worth the premium. Plus (this is our 3rd trip to Alaska) we believe outside devks with 360 views are best places to view Alaskan scenes.
  19. We were on the same cruise out of LA to Alaska on 27 June 2020, as you. We've rebooked for 2021 (late July). The ship they're using next year is the Sun Princess. I think she's a sister ship of the Sea Princess that we sailed in Australia last year. If that's a good assumption, she has relatively few Suites and MiniSuites (but the Mini Suites are really nice). So its possible that they were snapped up by folks anticipating Alaskan cruises being canceled this year. I guess its possible Princess is holding them either for increased prices or to use as upsell bargains. FWIW,
  20. Last year the Sea Princess had paddles and balls and a net strung across the BBall court. Not reg but DH and I could bat the ball around in the wind😁
  21. Appreciate the answers. Son took option 1 and had booked EZ Air and some excursions and a photo lackage on his Credit Card. While we xan both stand the cash flow on port taxes and fees, he cannot stand loaning over $1,000 in excursions for his family to Princess. Greg
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