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  1. From the Princess website for FLL port. Disembarking Passengers Earliest International Flight Departure for Ft. Lauderdale: 5 hours after ship's arrival. Earliest Domestic Flight Departure for Ft. Lauderdale: 4 hours and 30 minutes after ship's arrival. Earliest International Flight Departure for Miami: 7 hours after ship's arrival. Earliest Domestic Flight Departure for Miami: 6 hours after ship's arrival. The flight guidlines section on the website is helpful. My assumption is that Princess takes a conservative approach. https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/travel.jsp
  2. EZAir allowed me to book a noon flight from MIA to DFW. That departure is on a Monday. I assume traffic from the port to MIA would be even less on the weekend. DH and I will take the Princess shuttle. The shuttle cost for two to MIA is inline with Uber or Lyft.
  3. Larger balcony and it is partially covered.
  4. I'll echo the recommendation of an umbrella stroller versus either a big bulky double-wide stroller or a bulky back-to-back stroller. In addition to hallways, consider getting on/off tenders, the buffet area, the dining rooms, all crowded areas in general you'll need to be able to navigate.
  5. The OP can't even answer my two simple questions posted previously: What do you want to see? What cruise line meets your idea of innovation in ship design? I think the OP is more of a provocateur vs. innovative thinker. Also unable to submit constructive ideas.
  6. What do you want to see? What cruise line meets your idea of innovation in ship design?
  7. I recommend you check out the hotel options with the Guldsmeden Hotels. They have several locations in Copenhagen. Their breakfast is fantastic. I've stayed at the 66 Guldsmeden and it was very nice boutique hotel. I've also stayed at their Oslo location. Would absolutely go back to both of them in the future.
  8. What TIME did the bus leave the port for MIA? That is the question yet to be answered.
  9. DH and I did the Orkney Island itinerary last June. Really enjoyed it. Did a 1/2 day tour in the morning and then did a tour of Highland Park distillery on our own in the afternoon. One of the reasons we did this itinerary was because the odds of us going to the Orkney Islands on our own are low. Kirkwall was a very pleasant town as well. The weather was excellent in June.
  10. I do find that we plan and monitor food consumption on CT days, as DH and I want to enjoy the dining experience of CT 🙂 I look forward to the appetizer course as frequently that is where the inventiveness of the chef and staff really shines. The champagne doesn't hurt either. DH and I don't need any more stuff, so we tend to splurge on experiences and CT definitely qualifies.
  11. I think it was Sabatini's, otherwise Sterling Steakhouse.
  12. Instead of bringing perfume with me, I use a cruise as an opportunity to test drive different perfumes. On the way to the bar for our pre-dinner cocktail I will stop off at the boutique and find a scent I like. I'll use the sample bottle for a quick spray on my wrists and off I go.
  13. Don't forget to add the 18% tip to each drink. The beverage package factors in the tip.
  14. DH and I sailed on the Pacific for her first cruise out of dry dock in June 2017. It was 18 days from FLL to Dover via Iceland and Scotland. We had done two cruises on her sister, the Ocean, so we knew what to expect. We really enjoy sailing on these ships and would definitely do another cruise on the Pacific. If you want a cruise experience where there is three of everything, slides at the pool, lots of shopping, a crowded pool area, then the Pacific is not for you. On both the Ocean and Pacific we found the crew to be more like a family. They seem to really enjoy being on the Pacific. On the occasions when the officers dressed more formally, they looked sharp. Not a wrinkle to be seen. A sense of pride from captain on down. The entertainment staff do it all - trivia, games, and then the shows. Because you can interact with them quite a bit, you get to know them as well. As with the Ocean, on the Pacific there seemed to be quite a few repeat passengers that knew each other and knew the crew. For the first couple of days I would see lots of hugs and shouts of "Hello, great to see you again!" among this group. The library is great and very popular. We spent a lot of time on the patio outside the buffet area - for breakfast, lunch, and sailaways. Never crowded, great views, and comfortable seating. Loved the homemade ice cream served at lunch in the buffet. While I missed my Wheelhouse Bar, the Casino Bar was an excellent substitute. We had a balcony and never experienced any smoke issues. I don't remember where the smokers congregated. We did have some rough seas but neither of us had issues with motion sickness. The advantage of the Pacific on a Baltic cruise is that getting on her and off her at all the ports will be fairly quick. We loved our 11 sea days on the Pacific and never got bored. Happy sailing!
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