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  1. Yep thought that might have been part of it also, smh. Oh well finally made it home at 2:00 AM yawn. Lol. Happy sailing everybody!
  2. Just off, there was a bit of a delay clearing the ship. Hopefully won’t delay embarkation too much. Have a great trip!
  3. Thank you all, FINALLY at airport. Bit of a delay getting the ship cleared, about 45 min to an hour behind schedule. Upon leaving Eurodam was a medical emergency and an ambulance was parked just outside the ship, hope everything is okay, but might have been the reason for the delay? But we have seen this so many times in our travels that I would hugely recommend that flights not be booked any sooner than noon, you just never know!
  4. Okay everyone, thanks for all the lovely comments, as of midnight tonight no more ship net so will have to catch up at the airport or at home. It is now up to somebody else sailing on the Eurodam to give us a *live* report 🙂 Perhaps in October of 2020 (when our next cruise is scheduled on the Nieu Statendam Mediterranean/Transatlantic) I will do another *live* posting covering that itinerary. In summary this trip had fantastic weather and a great itinerary. The ports were fabulous and I would encourage anyone considering the Hawai/Tahiti/Marquesas run to give it a go,
  5. Well the time has come 😞. The official “Last Supper” menu and pics:
  6. Yeah we did but made sure we picked it this time with the advice of the cruise consultant here on board.....no gty. Also have to make sure that inside runs side to side on these newer ships, NOT bow to stern, when you are selecting the cabin on the deck plan. We like the insides (stays dark for naps) and allows us to buy thermal suite and more excursions. But those bow to stern, O my word, those should be booked single occupancy, not double! I have got to figure out how to get a smaller version of that spa home, too!
  7. 😂lol. ugg for rainy and wet lugging 28 days worth of luggage😳😳
  8. We didn’t do PG at all this cruise, have done it 3 times in previous cruises with all 3 not being worth the money. DH says 3 strikes you’re out sort of thing. We will only do it if it’s given to us as a freebie. Sounds like it was a good decision.
  9. Well, lol, learning about the smaller cabin sizes on Eurodam, Neuw Amsterdam, and Pinnacle Class would have been nice to know ahead of time! But now we do. But that’s probably the biggest one, the Eurodam is really a nice ship all in all. Another disappointment I wish I had known ahead of time is the end of the HAL cast of singers and dancers. I really did miss those production shows 😞. Not much I can do about that one but hope HAL brings those back. As well, the gift shops just don’t seem to be as nice as they used to be. Other than the Lido 2 for $10 sales, everything in
  10. And sadly,😰😔 we are coming into our last day on board with the last day’s activities:
  11. Following dinner and some evening entertainment came the chocolate surprise!
  12. I’ve seen 3. Was quite surprised given we’ve been gone a month.
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