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  1. That is great news. She is still in my prayers each night. Jim.
  2. The nurse came to my home today. I have to wait until monday down at the clinic as she forgot to bring anythi.ng to cut the stitch. Only in Canada Eh. Unreal. Jim.
  3. Will be removed today by nurse coming to my home between 12pm and 2 pm. cant wait to have it removed One step at a time. Jim.
  4. You both look fantastic you will live to a ripe old age together. Jim
  5. Thankyou so much for this info. I will look into all this. Jim.
  6. on Monday I will have a drain tube removed from my neck then sometime next week will have the plastic cover removed an be checked over again on 14th October so I hope they can start my Radation treatment soon will let you all know of my progress. Jim with love and a big SMILE.
  7. Bruno lots of prayers sent your way for a quick cure and return home, Jim,
  8. Roy you can drop me from the rotations my cancer was sucess and I am back home, Lost my ear but I can live with that for now, Jim,
  9. Jim I am back home today. The surgery was was a great sucess. They could not save my ear but can live with that.They took a small graft off my left leg and put that over my the hole to prevent any infection then covered the whole the thing with a plastic cover. I have to go back next week to have it removed. So everthing is looking great, wood like everyone for all the prayers and kind thoughts. Jim
  10. So whats the Diff between ducks and HALS scavenger hunts all over the ship.
  11. Amen to that lots of prayers going your way. Jim
  12. Good luck on your covid test, Ijust know you will fail.I had a covid test todaa at 11 am pre op on tuesday.
  13. Roy just to let you know my cruise is not until september 2022. Jim.
  14. My wife an I will be on board sept27 until dec I.Cant wait.
  15. irishjim


    Love this photo. Jim.
  16. Roy thank you for adding me to your care list.Just want to say my ear cancer is not a melanoma but a Squmous C cell Jim,
  17. Will have my op on 14sept14th. Then 4 weeks of radation and that should be it. Will keep you informed of progress everyone Thanks Jim. .
  18. Will have it done 14th september at 10am . I will be in hospital for 2 nights then home and start 4 weeks radiation treatment. A chance I may lose part of my ear or the whole thing but
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