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  1. Will the Royal Viking Sun ship model stay with the Prinsendam when she is turned over? That's a beautiful piece.
  2. We have been cruising over Christmas since 2008 and truly love it. It is pricier, for sure, but the festive feeling onboard and the special events for the holidays make it worth it to us. HAL does a wonderful job with the decorations onboard, a Christmas eve celebration with choirs representing various nationalities of the crew, special meals for Christmas and New Year's eve/days, an event with Santa's arrival and presents for those under 18 on Christmas morning, and a ball on New Year's eve. We've found that HAL's crew really goes above and beyond on these sailings, which is not an easy task at a difficult time of the year. You will find some children onboard (usually as part of multi-generational families) and empty nesters all celebrating the holidays away from home. We always select sailings over 14 days at the holidays and have never been inundated by children. If you can swing it, go for it - you might find a new holiday tradition. At this point, we can't imagine celebrating the holidays any other way.
  3. We have been sailing Christmas cruises since 2008 and have called in Curacao once on Christmas day and once on New Year's day. Both times, not a single shop or restaurant was open and the entire downtown was a ghost town - not a single soul out on the streets. We've been in many other ports on Christmas day but had never seen a town as buttoned up as Curacao. It was a bit eerie to see everything so desolate, actually. As for Antigua, we have also called there on Christmas day. The majority of the shops in the port area by the ship were open, and in Antigua itself about 1/3 of what we saw was open, with lots of people out and about, shopping, and celebrating.
  4. Prior to our holiday cruise on the Prinsendam this past year, there was a promotion online for a New Years' day brunch in the Pinnacle. It was not served buffet-style, and was very well-attended. We had friends who went and said they were very pleased - I think the menu was pretty heavy on seafood. The event was not advertised onboard, just online prior to the cruise and no menu was ever posted there, unfortunately.
  5. Correct - sailed the Rotterdam in July and can confirm the laundry has been removed, replaced by office space for crew.
  6. Prinsendam will be coming out of drydock on 12/15, so she should be fairly refreshed. We are on the Christmas/New Years sailing and I'm interested to see what will be done during the drydock. Knowing that she'll be leaving the fleet in the summer, I can't imagine it will be any big changes, but more of a slight touch-up.
  7. Greta Salome performed on our Rotterdam transatlantic right before VOV. She was fantastic: so high energy and talented. Definitely one of our favorite shows. Enjoying your reports, thanks for sharing. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Enjoy your cruise. We just disembarked the Rotterdam on Wednesday and had a wonderful time. Due to DD's limits on vacation days from work, we may not get to do the full VOV for awhile, but the Rotterdam-Boston cruise was a great preview with many beautiful places to see. As a heads up, for those concerned about transiting Prince Christian Sund earlier in the thread, we were there earlier this month. Very little ice and no problem at all with the scenic cruising, so VOV should be similar. We only missed one port (Nanortalik in Greenland) due to extreme fog. Enjoy - Prince Christian Sund was a real highlight of the trip.
  9. I believe it depends on the ship and the amount of turnaround (loading) days. Once we boarded the Amsterdam for a holiday cruise on 12/18 - she had just returned from the South Pacific cruise and there was not a single decoration to be seen. On all of our other HAL holiday cruises, the ships were fully decorated when we boarded so we were pretty surprised. Over the next day or so, decorations started to slowly appear so it seems like they were loaded in San Diego with the rest of the supplies. Long story short: for ships that do shorter cruises, I'd expect decorations post-Thanksgiving or early December, but those doing longer cruises might get their decorations later based on when their next turnaround day is.
  10. Agree with days 2 and 9, especially considering that 10 is the day before disembarkation. Have done 5 Christmas/NYE cruises on HAL and Christmas Eve is always the formal night.
  11. Just returned from the Viking Passage on Rotterdam where we crossed the Arctic Circle. No polar bear plunge or blue nose ceremony, but the crossing time was announced by the Captain and we received personalized certificates. Thought it was a nice (and unexpected!) touch. We will hang them with our Antarctic Circle crossing certificates that we received over the holidays on Zaandam - a nice way to celebrate two special cruises.
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