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  1. Here is our experience with the vaccine in Ohio: 1. My mom, who is 80, received her vaccine at a pharmacy in Feb. She had to show her Medicare card and fill-out out a form with a signature. When she went to her family doctor a couple weeks ago, they already had a record that she had been vaccinated. 2. My husband and I, who are 50, received our first vaccine two-weeks ago at the Ohio fair grounds. We only showed our driver licenses. We were told to bring our insurance cards, but when we got there we were told they didn't need them. We also didn't sign anything.
  2. We're booked on 12/19. If you end up taking the trip, I'll be curious about it too. I may be over confident, but I'm finally feeling good about vaccines and cruises restarting. I'm from Westerville too! Looks like the whole town wants to go to the Caribbean. 🙂
  3. I took a similar cruise in October about 10-yrs ago. I found it to be the perfect weather. It was plenty warm enough to sit on the deck and get some sun, but not so hot that we couldn't enjoy our excursions. Some of the place you visit prefer visitors to wear long pant/skirts and not show shoulders, so I think the slightly cooler weather is better. There are also fewer tourists which is a bonus! Coincidentally, I took a cruise in the Netherlands in October 2019. If my two trips are any indication, it will be noticeably warmer and sunnier in the Med. (Of course, a
  4. If anyone lives in Ohio, I had a really easy time signing up my mom at Discount Drug Mart. I registered her on the website on Tues, received the email to pick a time yesterday, and she got the first dose this afternoon. There was no waiting and lots of available time slots on the website. Also, if you're not in a group that can get them now, you can still get registered.
  5. I think we're on the same cruise. It appears that it's only offered once in 2021, so we'd love the opportunity to L&S to 2022. We also have a great price and hate to lose it.
  6. We cancelled our New Year's cruise on Joy yesterday. We were afraid that it might be NCL's test case cruise. We loved NYE on a cruise, but there is no way they could have a big party with people gathered together and champagne flowing. We decided to just get our refund, so we have options when things open up again. Still a little sad though....
  7. I have to laugh because the first example that popped into my mind was me as the customer. We were at a wine tasting and were chatting with the passengers next to us about work. She was feeling guilty because she went on vacation and left her team to do a large proposal that was due the last day of the trip. It ended up being a proposal for my team. I picked the submission date so it would be ready when I got back from vacation. Needless to say, I gave them an extension so she could review it when she got home.
  8. As Gen Xers, we have many working years before we could go on a world cruise, but we still dream about it someday. We're supposed to go on our first Celebrity cruise April 2021. We've been on about a dozen cruises with other lines, but one of the reasons we've shied away from Celebrity was it felt like we would "waste" loyalty days. It seems to make more sense to accumulate loyalty days to the same line where we might take a world cruise. That said, from what I've read and pictures that I've seen, Celebrity feels like a good fit for us-- except for the ultimate dream trip.
  9. Interesting article that makes a lot of sense. My mother, who is 80, has been getting a stronger version of the flu shot for several years. I suspect that at some point there may be variations of the Covid-19 vaccine-- stronger version for the elderly and those with compromised immunity, a nasal spray version for children, etc. In the meantime, it's going to be vital to have as many people as possible vaccinated. Personally, as soon as it's available, I'll be in line.
  10. Our concierge cabin was upgraded, if we get to take our 12/2020 cruise. I don't know how many cabins are in each class, but here is the general information that we received: CA Concierge Family Suites are now HI Haven CB Concierge Penthouse with Balcony are now HJ Haven CA Concierge Villa Suites were not upgraded
  11. You're not far off the rules where I work. We started bringing people back to the office Monday. There is a 25 page powerpoint of rules! Our complex has two 40-story buildings and several about 10-story. The elevators only can have 4 people in them now. Instead of starting at the normal 8:00, people were assigned a slot between 7:00-9:00 to help with elevator overcrowding. There are a ton of other changes-- masks unless you're at your desk, online payment and pickup of prepackaged food in the cafeteria, 25% capacity in rooms, temp checks, no visitors in building, etc. None of these woul
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