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  1. From the posts here it sounds like quite a few won't book it. And if enough don't book it, I am sure Princess will take notice. At least I hope they do ☺
  2. Glad I am not interested in this cruise. Been on the revamped Island Princess and never again.
  3. My alternative, like some others here mentioned, would be to do a land only tour of Israel.
  4. I can't imagine visiting for only a portion of a day. But then that's just me.
  5. We are getting way off topic but most reliable sources say there is a good 3 pronged approach - distancing, hand washing and face masks. Young people ignore recommendations, get the virus then bring it home to the more vulnerable. So "not go out into the community" is not a failsafe option actually. Courtesy and respect would be nice but that is barely existent in today's US culture. Sad. No wonder cruising won't start again for a long time.
  6. Sounds like you are hard to please if you can't enjoy the journey with lounges and business class. 99% of the posters here would disagree with you and would love that experience. I know those things, among others, make my travel experience much more tolerable.
  7. So many people say they hate the journey and just want "to get there." I go to great efforts to make the journey enjoyable. That goes especially for flights. I love flying. This is one of the longest stretches of "no flying" for me in decades!
  8. Have you been cruising since all this started? I didn't think so! What procedures will Princess use once cruising starts? Every party to their own table at dinner? If that will happen, they will have to start dinner about 2pm and finish about midnight lol. Then if they have no buffet, it will probably be even worse. Take out at least half the lounge chairs at the pool and on the promenade deck? I wonder. Elevator buttons touched constantly by guests, as are handrails on the steps. Theater will limit to about 1/3 capacity so there is proper social distancing? If most or all of the above measures are not taken, cruising could very well be worse than flying on an airplane. At least a domestic airplane ride is several hours max, not multiple days.
  9. Obviously based on the reactions to my post you are in the minority. Masks are a controversial topic. But they certainly can't hurt by wearing them out of respect to others (with the exception of those with asthma or other medical conditions).
  10. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/626036/your-coronavirus-face-mask-does-not-limit-oxygen-intake
  11. What a poor analogy. Pure opinion 😞
  12. I think they got their regular commissions on the cruises that were canceled - that generated the FCCs.
  13. drsel if it were only so easy! Your strategy is for a declining stock price not a "wildly fluctuating" stock price like you said. What if the price doesn't go below $20 again (or pick a price). Or what if your plan has a stock priceof $6/share and it never goes that low. As with most sound advice and strategies I have read, dollar cost averaging tends to beat other methods - buy a specific dollar amount at certain intervals over time regardless of the price. That has worked for me over decades of investing.
  14. I am happy that I bought 100 shares at under $10/share. Now I wish I had bought more 😀
  15. Carnival Corp and other cruise lines have sent most of their crew home. It will take months to get them back to the ships, retrained etc. It will be a LONG time before cruising starts again in any meaningful way.
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