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  1. I'm trying to understand why the ship is still at the pier and has not departed. Passengers embarked yesterday. By delaying departure the hurricane situation doesn't get any better . The transit out of Chesapeake to open ocean will not improve today or tomorrow. Look at the map of Dorian. Maybe someone can explain it
  2. Does recognized mean you are given wifi codes and other benefits?
  3. A few years ago you made Pinnacle on the cruise that you completed 700 cruise points. Is this still the case? Recently I was told that you had to complete the cruise and received it on your next cruise, just like D or D+. Is the policy uniform on all ships, or does it vary from ship to ship?
  4. Checking on my Anthem cruise in a few days and I see this thing called "The Key". Seems like first time cruisers can get priority boarding, Chops lunch and lots of goodies for $20 per person. Why work towards D+ or Pinnacle when you get the goodies for $20?
  5. Would I be correct in assuming that no C&A points are given for a last minute cancellation for medical reasons? I lost all the money except taxes of $115. I doesn't seem quite fair.
  6. I understand the major difference in location between Bermuda and Bahamas. I meant they should have headed north and avoided Florence as best they could and not be stuck in Nassau trying to figure out how to get back to Baltimore.
  7. We are also booked on Grandeur for the 13th., and are concerned. We have friends on there now heading for Nassau. Why Nassau ? It's no better there that Bermuda. They should have headed north not south into Florence. Doesn't anybody at RCCL look at NOAA hurricane center data. Florence is getting bigger and stronger my the minute. We survived the a cat. 4 hurricane on Anthem Feb.6, 2016 and would not want to put anyone through that again. I served in the Navy years ago and they have the right idea. Tomorrow they are planning to put the fleet to sea out of Norfolk to ride out the storm. The problem with changing Grandeur's itinerary is it still must exit and return one way, Out the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. Florence will be there Wednesday and Thursday if the track doesn't change. It seems they can't win no matter where the ship goes.
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