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  1. This is a follow up to my post on April 23. I was happy to see so many positive responses. NCL is saying 100%, not 95% or 98%. If Royal Caribbean and NCL are both part of the "Healthy Sail Panel", just get with the program. Please forget about what the Governor of Florida did today. As I said in my last post, we will never get back to "normal" cruises until the vaccine is required. Let me be clear, I have no intention of jumping ship to NCL. We are both "Loyal to Royal" as Pinnacle members and stockholders. Royal Caribbean has a responsibility to do what is best for their shareholders, which i
  2. I'll probably get flamed for this post, but here goes. The Royal Caribbean cruises outside of the USA require the vaccine, why can't we. I'm tired of hearing all the complaints that the CDC is holding up the process. Too many Americans are delaying the process. I'm tired of getting daily e-mails from the cruise line asking us to contact our congressman, CDC, etc. We have cruised over 100 times on Royal, Celebrity and NCL, so I understand that social distancing, better ventilation, masks, etc. aren't really going to work especially on older ships. I know folks that will never get the vaccine a
  3. By land it's 21.4 miles from airport to Royal Naval Dockyards, almost an hour of expensive cab ride. We have been to Bermuda many times starting with our first cruise in 2004. If you time it right you can taxi to Hamilton, high speed ferry to Dockyards. THe other possibility is taxi to St. Georges and enjoy the long scenic ferry ride to Dockyards. No matter how you figure it, it's basically a trip from one side to the other in Bermuda.
  4. We are hoping to book Oasis in September and I'm a little confused about the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen. It seems that Royal Caribbean has made several changes in the past few years, removing lounges and adding cabins. We were looking forward to Coastal Kitchen and the lounge. If Pinnacle members are not allowed in the lounge in order to make space for Grand Suites and above, it changes the dynamic of sailing Oasis class ships. Where do Diamond Plus and Diamond members go for evening cocktail hour. Is there an area for them? I realize that no one has cruised in the last year, but any inf
  5. I just looked at the Enchantment schedule for May 2021 and the summer. Since they are not able to have 8 night cruises, there seems to be a big space between the 5 night Bermuda cruises where the 8 night cruise would have been. I'm trying to understand what they plan to do. They can't stay at the pier for 8 days. Are they going out into the bay and drop the hook? Has anyone else noticed this? Please don't shoot the messenger, just my observation.
  6. Before I get flamed, we love Grandeur, sailed her many times and met great people and crew over the years. We were on the last cruise on March 7, before Royal ceased world operations on March 14. I just checked online and the only cruise that is listed is January 2, 2021, a 7 nighter. That chances of that happening are slim to none. As we all know nothing above 7 nights is listed until next November on any ship . When Royal begins operations again, they want "smart" ships that passengers can no everything using the app on their phone. They also want advanced HVAC systems. And of course larger
  7. Yes, but doesn’t know where Grandeur is going. Royal has new bookings on Enchantment out of Baltimore, so I doubt if she stays there. Maybe Cuba will open again someday, possibly Miami runs, but really nobody knows at this point.
  8. I just did a rough count, it’s over 30 cruises aboard Grandeur for us. I know folks that have done many times that amount. It doesn’t matter, 3 or 30, it’s a great ship with the best crew and officers in the fleet. We did the last cruise in March before Covid closed the world down. We are scheduled for March 26 2021, the last cruise. I hope it happens. We made Pinnacle aboard Grandeur last August with Captain Thor. We have many good memories and had good times sailing from Baltimore.
  9. I cruised from Norfolk with around 4000 other sailors on a mega ship, the USS Independence, and 400 men on the USS Belknap many years ago. Baltimore was 2 hrs. south for us, Norfolk is 5 hrs. I would fly to Florida before I drive that distance. It might be OK for folks in Virginia and southern states.
  10. I am more concerned about Royal staying in Baltimore. If their new business model is more profitable bigger, newer ships, then the port of Baltimore is in trouble. We live 100 miles from Bayonne going north, or 100 miles from Baltimore going south. We prefer Baltimore having sailed Grandeur, Enchantment and Mercury out of there. Time will tell what Miami and the corporate folks plan to do in the future. We are flexible, but at 75 I don't want my only choice to be Bayonne or fly to Florida for a cruise.
  11. Quantum class can't fit under the bridges to Baltimore. The largest size for that port is Radiance class.
  12. We shall see is the only answer at this time. We are scheduled for the final cruise on March 26, 2021 out of Baltimore. We departed Grandeur on March 19, 2020, a few days after Royal Caribbean ceased global operations. The Enchantment is supposed to replace her. Whatever ship is in Baltimore, we will be happy to sail on.
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