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  1. Hi my sister and my friend sre going on 42 days of the global odyssey. Has any one researched what visas or needles are necessary for China snd India Has any one booked the dining they have theirs all booked. They are looking at tours now and shows RosieC
  2. Thats great love the sign... i jsut dont know that i would be comfortable putting my name on there on my door lol
  3. I like a door sign nothing too big for me but big enough and distinctive that i can see it from down the hall and find my room reasy. lol On the alaskan we had a whale on our door ... on the last cananda new england we put canadian flags there its just a little fun thing ... doesnt hurt anyone and provides some with a smile.
  4. Thank you so i guess then I will just close this one is that right . Rosie .
  5. Hi all we are a group of Canadians goin on the Carnival Magic from Barcelona in May, 2011 for the 12 night . So far there are three cabins of us and we are really excited about this itinerary so looking forward to sharing ideas, info and deals lol . Rosie
  6. Hi all we are booked for Carnival Magic May 11,2011 for 12 days . So far we have 3 cabins . I am checking out hotels and air too so happy to get any great tips I can . Rosie
  7. Hi we are going on the Canada/ New England NCL cruise Oct 16 and looking into outings while there . Any suggestions for Portland or Charlottown, Maybe SeptIlsles lol . Any suggestions will be looked into ahaha . Im also looking to find a tour that will pick us up in Quebec at the airport give us a little tour an then take us to the ship . Thank you Rosie
  8. We just came back from the Tulips and Windmills Tour on the Viking Sky and i would say all the tours were wonderful . Lots of walking but wonderful . The food was very good ... no snacks laying around but great food almost gormet at dinner . We got some snacks for the room a grocery store in Amsterdam before we left and some bottles of water and pop. A river cruise is very different form an big cruise ship experience and you just have to go knowing the experience will be different and enjoy all that it is . We would do it again lol but not before a few other larger ones we want to go on . Rosie
  9. Im wondering if it would go over on a river cruise lol the ships only hold about 150 lol so im sure we will find our cabin. lol
  10. how much fun would that be lol. Great Pam!! ... I think as i said im gonna go to the dollar store and get four things like they have for parties like a Palm tree, a pink pelican lol such as that and take them with me and maybe add a bit to them to personalize them and then stick them on the doors ahaha.... i agree i would never put a note pad on the door ... i also dont put names or sex as with it being 8 ladies travelling we dont want everyone knowing there at two females in the cabin alone and their names ... right .....lol now you guys all know that but none of you are psycho killers ahahhahah. Rosie
  11. I think you have to put them on a site where you can get the http address then you just click on insert image in the box you type your message in and put the http address in the box that comes up ....
  12. Hi there now this may seem like a silly question but i have been wondering as this is my first River cruise and im used to ocean cruises ,,, we are doing Tulips and windmils Holland and Belgium will there be a fishy smell all the time coming in the windows as we are on the river and close to the dock a lot .... just wondering .
  13. Wow since we are going on the Tulips and Windmills cruise with Viking in ummm17 days lol its nice to read such great things about it !!! thank you for your sharing Rosie
  14. Ok im thinking for the Windmills and Tulip River cruise of Holland and Belgium we have in April im gonna get a picture of a winmill and tulip and paste them on cardboard and make signs for your door hahaha with the date etc lol
  15. Thanks I think i will go to the dollar store see what i can see .... I got some little charms off Ebay a little airplane , a little cruise ship and a little slot machine to give our gang over the course of the cruise lol will be cute im gonna look for some big safety pins lol But first comes the river cruise not sure if door signs would be appropriate there at all lol Nite nite Rosie
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