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  1. Your trip reports and photos are wonderful and I always enjoy them, especially the photos of your darling daughter, who already looks like a beauty queen! I don't mean to be offensive, but do you not worry about spoiling her with all these cruises at such a young age? With her looks, she's bound to have a lot of men after her when she's older and you may be setting her up to be high maintenance. ;)

  2. The Reveal:

    We told the kids that instead of Daddy leaving for a work trip, we were going to be going on a trip together! And the kids…were confused. Lexi was upset, thinking that her dad was going to get in trouble for skipping a work trip and Dexter was mad that we weren’t going to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast to get his chocolate glazed donut. So the video we filmed didn’t exactly show the reaction we were hoping for.



    Unfortunately, a 3-year old doesn't appreciate a surprise vacation.


    I'm enjoying reading this.

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