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  1. What does this mean for spa services like massages and stuff? Will I have to wear a mask during my treatment? 😵‍💫
  2. Husband passed away, then Covid hit. I’m never going frugal again, I want to live before I die. Carnival treats me soooo good, it’s easy to splurge on extras. The only exception might be if I book my first cruise on another line. It will take a couple good gambling cruises to rack up the casino offers. Then I’m going to make myself happy. Balconies, spa treatments, excursions I love….I’m their ideal customer. I’m here to have fun, and forget my sorrows. I’ve learned firsthand life is short. It’s so easy to be happy on a cruise ship, even without spending a lot, but now I’m not going to be cheap or frugal. YOLO.
  3. Why doesn’t Carnival do a full room service breakfast with fresh hot eggs cooked to order, bacon, toast, hash browns, coffee and juice? 😢. I love my balcony (aft wraps are my usual choice) and it just seems a shame we can’t get a beautiful balcony breakfast! BBB! None the less I will grab some Continental Cuisine and stop Complaining 🙄
  4. Well alrighty then! Add straws to the pre-cruise provisioning list! No complaints here! I may even buy some extras and hand them out at the pool! 😎
  5. I’m getting ready for my Panorama trip Aug 28 and need to know if they are still using those paper straws! Cheers and paper straws is NOT a good look for me! If I can’t get a decent straw onboard in 2021 and beyond, I’ll bring my own! If any of you current cruisers could tell us your ship and your straw observations I would be most grateful! 🍾🎊🎉🍾🥤🍹🧋
  6. I just went online and purchased three spa services. Massages and facials. It said if I bundled three services I would get a discount but when I went to check out it charged me full price. Does anybody know how the discounts work when you order online?
  7. Actually it’s never a good idea to feed non-native food to marine life, but I digress. Actually what first occurred to me when I read your comment is logistics. On some ships, what you think you are throwing overboard is actually landing on the tiered balconies of your fellow cruisers below!! 😜😆😆
  8. Well there you go, at $3 a pop(corn), I’m sure we will all be careful to make sure we eat every kernel. Thanks so much for reminding us to appreciate our popcorn perks. 🙄
  9. I’m happy to make several $3 donations to the popcorn pool 🍿😃! Let’s cruise! And more importantly, let’s show our support for our favorite brand, Carnival! with all the onboard credit floating around you know this cruise line has been very good to all of us. Let’s show some of that love back to them. ❤️❤️❤️ You’ll get no complaints from me about $3 popcorn or once a day room cleaning, or whatever else. We’re back on the water, for however long it lasts, and I’m very grateful.
  10. Yes I botched that, thank you for pointing it out. No coffee yet 🙄
  11. She’s supposed to be ready for service here in Long Beach in a few short months and we haven’t heard or seen boo about her major refit! Somebody tell John Herald we would like him to share what he can about her upgrades! One question I have is, will her new appearance more closely match that of Sunshine, or Sunrise? I know she is more similar to Sunshine but I think the waterfall Serenity area on Sunrise is so beautiful. I wish they could do that for radiance! I am dying for some news…will be on Radiance November 2021 fingers crossed!
  12. I can’t log in! I just got an email telling me to fill out very important health questionnaire for my Aug 28, 2021 cruise! The wheel just keeps spinning and spinning😳 anybody else? It’s Thursday 1145 Pacific standard time.
  13. This menu is virtually identical to the menu served on Panorama on Day 2 (Elegant night) in April 2020! (See link and compare for yourself!). That is great news, menus appear consistent with pre-pandemic offerings! https://eatsleepcruise.com/carnival-panorama-dining-guide-and-restaurant-menus/
  14. Great analysis and I agree with you, although to be fair I have not had any overseas culinary experiences. But I am a foodie and found my Los Angeles based Carnival ships consistently excellent in quality as well as diversity. We enjoyed the steakhouse 3 nights on our last cruise on Splendor, it was that good, which brings me to a thought. FOMO. It is so hard to decide which MDR night to toss in favor of specialty dining. Having had the steakhouse many times, I am so sure of its consistent excellence and value that I would not miss it, but then again, I have never had the pleasure of Jiji’s and absolutely will NOT miss it again on Panorama in August! So the big question for me is….which MDR night should I forego in favor of Specialty dining? This, in a nutshell, is how I know I love the many flavors offered by Carnival. I have a hard time deciding which ones to miss. There is a post somewhere here with the week’s menu offerings, if you even take a few minutes to review all the offerings, including the FUN “things you always wanted to try” tastes, you can see why Carnival really makes dining FUN! I’ll see if I can find the link and post it. I love this cruise line for pricing, but the food is right up there on my list. You can’t go wrong if you really get to know your options.
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