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  1. We had our grown daughter on a Alaska land/cruise on the Veendam several years ago. Her bed was the couch which pulled out into a bed. It was more comfortable than a similar setup on the Rotterdam a few years later. DD
  2. Thank you. One secondary site I visited seemed to indicate otherwise.
  3. If I take a Holland America cruise with the “free drinks” option, are the gratuities included on a per drink basis or do you pay a gratuity on the list price of a drink, or are all gratuities pre-paid by HA? I know that on at least one other line, if you choose the free drink package, you are charged for a gratuity on the entire cost of the list cost of that package. DD
  4. We stayed at the DoubleTree in Amsterdam (on points) on our last cruise (Princendam). It was very nice. Took a taxi (15 Euro) to the ship. Would do it again. DD
  5. I would like the same HEPA standards widespread, but that would be fanciful. I did look around but didn’t see much specifically about COVID filtering. Would electrostatic filtering be effective against viruses. Again, haven’t seen anything. DD
  6. We would like to cruise again but will not until we are convinced that the air filtration systems have improved enough to significantly reduce the possibility of getting the COViID! I have heard that the cruise lines are working on it, but have not heard any specifics. For example, will the air flow to the cabins be of a HEPA standard and how often would they be changed? How would the airflow to the rest of the ship be handled? Will the new Rotterdam be any better than the refurbished ships? DD
  7. Kasu, I heartally agree. I also hate word correction! DD
  8. Sorry, my bad. The cruises I was looking at did not have it offered. I think most of them do though. DD
  9. When did HA end the freebies on the cruises (drink package, free gratuity, dining package)? I thought it was until July 1 but I don’t see it anymore. DD
  10. Received our 90% refund from our South America Cruise (March 15th) this week. It was credited to the credit card. The CC company (Chase) will send us a check within 8 to 10 business days as we really don’t want that much credit on the CC. We also got almost $3,000 in Future Cruise Credits. DD
  11. Sorry, I didn’t look deep enough. The Signature Dining Package is one dinner at the Pinnacle Grill and one at the Canneledo. The Distinctive package includes one at the Tamarind. DD
  12. I’m sure it has been discussed before but what is the “Dining Package” and does it depend on the class of ship? DD
  13. We have an Alaska Cruise booked for July 12 with the final payment coming up shortly. Our TA just called us to let us know that the final payment was pushed back to May 13th. There is hope yet, especially since we had purchased non-refundable airline tickets and non-refundable hotel for 3 nights prior in Seattle. We were on the 44 day KDam Around South America but cancelled the Wednesday before. DD
  14. Our Platinum Insurance for the two of us was around $1,600. We used this (lost it) when we cancelled the 44 day cruise on Wednesday night, in order to get the 10%. If we had waited until HAL had cancelled, I don’t know if we would have lost (used) it. DD
  15. All right, what is a URT? An upper respiratory??? DD
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