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  1. DW has me buy sugar free tonic for my G&T’s. It tastes the same. I may buy a squeezable lime the next trip. DD
  2. On past Holland America cruises, there was usually a chilled soup appetizer option. I understand that this has been discontinued. However, in the current World Cruise I noticed that they are on the menu. Is this fleet wide or just for the World Tour? We are taking a 44 day cruise in March and DW would be very happy if they are back. DD
  3. I think I heard that the ship photographers were contractors, not HAL employees. Their income might depend on how many photos they sell. If so, this is probably why they are so aggressive. Personally we aren’t too bothered by them, we just politely say “No Thanks”, and they go to someone else. DD
  4. I did what TomO suggested, but did it a few days ago. Curious, would a soda card work for cans of tonic water (at the half price)? DD
  5. Can you get stroopwafels in the Lido and/or MDR? We first had them on a trip to The Netherlands several years ago where they made them on site and have become addicted to them (only slightly so). 🙂 I imagine they have them in the Grand Dutch Cafe But is there a charge? DD
  6. Just curious, what did HA charge for your baby, In respect to fares, gratuity, port fees, etc. our Son and DIl sailed on a cruise, based in Orlando, and had to pay full fare for their one year old. DD
  7. I went to the site last night and sure enough the gin and tonic package I usually buy (with plain Bombay Gin) had gone up significantly. However, a bottle of Bombay Sapphire had not gone up at all, and was now cheaper than the G&T mix. Guess what I did? DD
  8. The $6000 excursion is on the 44 day trip around South America. It is an excursion from Rio to Igazu Falls and returning to the ship in Buenos Aires. It is a five day excursion at $3000 each. Hopefully all expenses are included. DD
  9. I would need two towels o wrap around me. 🙂 DD
  10. Just to add my two cents, I thought the snorkeling area was to the left, as you faced the water. That’s where we went, and there is like a rock jetty going pretty far out. I went without fins (too bulky to pack) and we did see some fish, but it was not great. All in all, I’m glad we went though. DD
  11. I wasn’t aware that lobster and scallops was a choose in the Pinnacle. Was it good? DD
  12. We had a pair of binoculars in our Vista cabin in the Princendam. Also a balcony and double cruise credits. DD
  13. Ours were a blue and white stripe pattern. They are large beach type towels. DD
  14. We have a 44 day cruise coming up. I have not seen anything on the HAL web site about laundry. Where should I look? Any special prices for an extended trip? DD
  15. We were at an airport to get our cruise when we got a call from our TA about an upgrade to a balcony (paid). They changed our tags at the cruise checkin - no problems. It was nice to have a balcony for the 36 day cruise!! DD
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