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  1. We enjoy the 5 day cruises. Last year we booked a balcony cabin (in February) for a December 8th cruise on the Infinity with two perks for $1440 leaving from Ft. Lauderdale. This year the same cruise, ship, cabin and itinerary is $2025 and leaving from Miami. That is over a 40% increase. Looks like it will be an Air BNB in Florida this year. Plus no need for parking or medical insurance.
  2. Just of the Infinity. Ship is in fantastic shape. Excellent cruise once again. First time in Aqua Class. Good size balcony with large table and two chairs. Had to ask for wine and robes. Never got tea or attomizer but never asked for it. Daily canapes seem to be a waste of everyone’s time. Four small bites of items you were not even sure of what they all were. Blu could not have been better. Ate there 4 times for dinner and breakfast. The hostess, Natalia, was the best cruise employee we ever dealt with in 18 cruises. Other meals in buffet many choices. Enjoyed the made to order steaks, chicken and chops in the back of the buffet. The entertainment was very good. The two production shows were fantastic. The I-Broadway show ended with a standing ovation. I can’t remember the last time that has happened during one of my cruises. The other 3 nights was a very good singer and two very good comedians. Had the Classic alcohol package. Many wines to choose from. Had mostly daiquiris, mudslides, tequila sunrises and amaretto sours and never paid an up-charge. Ask for a menu at the pool bar, many other drinks available. Got to the garage at the terminal at 10:30 am. We were on board by 11am with no lines. Rooms were ready at 1pm. Disembarkation ran about 30 minutes of ahead of times listed in the procedure letter. We had to present ourselves to border patrol agents in Key West so that made the disembarkation go faster in Ft Lauderdale. Ask me any other questions.
  3. Reply to this topic Just off Infinity. Blu was open 7-8:30 on port days. and 7:30 to 9 on sea days. No lunch served. No reservations accepted for dinner. Had no problem first night. Got there maybe 15 minutes after opening and got right in and everything seemed organize during the 90 minutes we were there.
  4. Ship sails in three days. From my years working for a major cruiseline rooms have all been assigned already (especially for a so called inaugural cruise that has VIP's on board. Not many last minute bookings at those pricess.
  5. 90 rooms still available for Edge's inaugural 7 night sailing on Sunday. Last chance for an overpriced cruise. I will be on the Infinity.
  6. No palette? Is that worse then a cleft palette. Please go to mercyships.com to donate to help those with that affliction.
  7. Thanks a lot. The main reason we are buying on the ship is because of the OBC. We do not really do souvenirs or want pay for overpriced specialty dinners. Got to spend it on something.
  8. Have classic package. Wife and I are not big drinkers. Would like some suggestions on what to order as far as mixed drinks. Maybe something different then the basic margarita or daiquiri. What are your favorites?
  9. When is the best time to buy liquor from the ships store? Would like to get it out of the way on day one but are there sales later in the week. Have not sailed in three years, but I somewhat remember that if purchased on day one you had a chance to get your money refunded as a result of a raffle.
  10. The Celebrity website use to have a chart showing what benefits came with an Aqua Class, Concierge Class and a standard stateroom. I have been unable to track it down. We will be in Aqua in 3 weeks and want to make sure I take advantage of all the benefits. I understand Blu and the Persian Gardens. What else should I be looking or asking for?
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