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  1. I cruised the a few years back with a regular drink package and was able to get a smoothie at the Spa Cafe. I cruised the next year and was told that smoothies were only included with the Premium package. I looked on the website and neither package mentions smoothies. Anyone else able to order comp smoothies with a drink package?
  2. I have always had the standard drink package in the past. On my next cruise I have the Premium package. When ordering a drink will the bartenders upgrade the quality of the liquor or do you have to ask for a certain brand? Also, not being a big drinker, what would be the best rum or vodka for mixed or tropical drinks?
  3. The addition of cabins on the starboard side of the spa has caused the relocation of the men's locker room to the port side. it looks like the women's locker room was cut in half and a men's locker room added. Was a sauna put into the new locker room and does it still have a window with an ocean view?
  4. What are some of the strangest things that you have seen other passengers do. On my last Infinity cruise I saw a family of 4 bring their buffet plates into the main theater and watch the evening show while eating. I had never seen anyone eat in the theater on my previous 18 cruises. Others?
  5. Wine does not need to be expensive to be good.
  6. I emailed Celebrity and was able to upgrade to Drinks and More. 4 bottles of wine, $100 promo casino credit, convenience of a daily minibar setup, and a wine tasting for $90 of my on-board credit.
  7. No. Its a direct booking with Celebrity
  8. I am in a Sky Suite next April so the Premium Drink package is included. Since it is a 5 day cruise I am thinking about the Drinks and More package which will cost about $80 for the two us and will include some additional perks and the $100 worth of promo casino chips. Tried to book on line but can only do it for the regular amount of the package and not the difference between Premium and Drinks and More package. Is there a way to do this on-line or do I have to call? Plus, any reviews of the Drinks and More package.
  9. Booked a five day cruise that included stops in Key West and Cozumel. I know that voters in Key West voted to ban large cruise ships from docking. If all legal challenges fail any idea what port might replace Key West? I did notice that all the shore excursions available in Key West did fall off my Cruise Planner but the Cozumel ones are still showing.
  10. Do the Sky Suites on the Summit have bathtubs or just showers?
  11. I am the original poster. Thanks for replies. We are on the Summit in a Sky Suite.
  12. Booked cruise for April 2022 and first time in a suite. Does it make any sense booking a specialty restaurant when we have access to Luminae and possibly Blu?
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