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  1. crispy23

    Drinks Package

    Many thanks for the advice as we have some on board credit we will upgrade it as soon as we get on the ship.
  2. crispy23

    Drinks Package

    Just a quick question if anyone could oblige regarding the option to upgrade the beverage package. Although not really heavy drinkers is it possible to purchase the package when you get onboard? We have seen the booking form to do this but it states must be done 7 days prior to boarding. Many thanks and we are really looking forward to visiting the Caribbean and experiencing Viking for the first time, not to mention escaping the freezing UK weather for a few days!
  3. crispy23

    Has anyone experienced problems

    Regularly travel to bangkok from the UK and honestly it is no different from any other airport in the world, in fact in many ways it is better.It is a new airport which is a vast improvement on the old one, just weep your wits about you with your luggage when coming out of the airport and avoid unlicenced taxis but would presume you will be picked up anyway by cruise agent. Have a great time.
  4. We are from the UK in our late forties/50 and are considering the panama canal cruise from LA on 3/1/08. As our only previous cruising experience experience has been a deluxe car ferry from spain to the UK! you can see we are novices at this and despite much research are totally confused with all the different information. What really attracts us to this cruise line is the size of the ship, the itinerary as we really fancy the trip through the panama canal, open dining and getting out of the UK winter! Although we want to make sure there is plenty to do we do not want to have to worry about getting somewhere to sit on deck or be in long lines at meals. We would really appreciate some feedback, does the ship/cabins feel claustrophobic, how stable is it etc etc Best regards Chris & Jayne