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  1. samavarcruiser

    Bilbao Food Tours - Need Recommendations

    I have had a great experience with Mr. Delgado in the past http://www.aitordelgado.com
  2. samavarcruiser

    Private Tour Recommendations for PALMA DE MALLORCA

    Another vote for Miguel http://www.mallorcatourguides.info/Home_Page.html
  3. samavarcruiser

    Private Tour of Rome

    This might be helpful 🙂
  4. samavarcruiser


    I cancelled my reservation for 2019 🙂
  5. samavarcruiser

    New Cruiser Needing Help on excursion company

    This option might work when you are staying in Rome and not on a cruise as they only provide walking tours!
  6. samavarcruiser

    New Cruiser Needing Help on excursion company

    Thanks a lot, appreciate everyones feedback 🙂
  7. samavarcruiser


    Thanks for sharing 😞
  8. samavarcruiser

    How to see Anaga Park

    This link might be helpful Tammy 🙂 https://www.webtenerife.co.uk/what-see/outdoor-attractions/parque+rural+de+anaga.htm
  9. samavarcruiser

    Cartagena--What not to miss

    1. Roman Theatre Museum 2. ARQUA, Marine Archaeology Museum 3. Palacio Consistoria 4. Municipal Archaeology Museum 5. Calle Mayor
  10. samavarcruiser

    Hotels in Barcelona

    Mandarin Oriental
  11. samavarcruiser

    Canary Islands Advice Needed :)

    Puerto de la Cruz is my suggestion too 🙂
  12. samavarcruiser

    Palma de Mallorca - DIY?

    Thanks a lot Roger, very helpful.