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  1. Private shore excursion will take you wherever you want to go!
  2. Wow, this was very helpful. Thanks a lot
  3. Thanks for sharing those articles with us 🙂
  4. We loved our day in Montalcino and Montepulciano but we did it on our own as a day trip from Rome 🙂
  5. Another great link with tons of info is the following 🙂
  6. We loved our day trip to Montalcino and Montepulciano
  7. Another vote for Madeforspainandportugal tour company, have been very happy with them.
  8. I would highly recommend you to check also Albergo del Senato, close to the Pantheon.
  9. You will be there only for a day and it might rain on that specific day is you are not lucky enough but I am sure they will refund you the money!!
  10. Don't even think of using anything different then a taxi.
  11. I have used http://www.italyprivatexcursion.com in the past for my airport and port transfers and would highly recommend them. Have fun planning 🙂
  12. Another vote for Jazz Hotel 🙂
  13. I have used Malaga trips couple of times in the past and couldn't be more happy https://www.malagatrips.com
  14. Thank you for your detailed review, did you had a transportation included in your rate? how about the cost of the food and beverages?
  15. We have travelled several times to Barcelona and LOVED every moment of it.
  16. Even if you miss the first bus, you have plenty of time to get the next one 🙂
  17. I would rather stay in of one of those boutique hotels in down town Barcelona!!
  18. Thanks a lot for sharing your detailed review Kimberly, I really appreciate it 🙂
  19. Exactly, neither crown plaza is in down town Rome but much closer then Hilton Airport.
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