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  1. I know that even without working full time, I tend to overdo getting ready and wear myself out. That combined with the lack of sleep from excitement an anxiety over the travel, it's easy to set myself up for attack by any germs I'm exposed to. Has she ever tried any antioxidants like Emergen-C or used a nasal rinse? They can both help fend off bugs. And, of course, be sure to get your flu shots. It's hard to predict when you might come in contact with a bug. A good friend who has never cruised and doesn't work in an environment where she's likely to be exposed came down with norovirus. She may have picked it up at the grocery store or in a movie theatre.
  2. When ours were young, we booked one adult and one minor in each room. We had one balcony cabin and one inside, across the hall. When we arrived on the ship, the balcony cabin was made up with the queen bed and the inside had two twins. The cabin steward correctly assumed that would be what we wanted. This was before the medallion days but it was no problem to get an extra key for each room.
  3. That is correct. You don't say how big your extended family is so that might affect some advice. If you're a total group of 6 or 8 people, just show up all together at Anytime Dining and, while you may wait a few minutes, you'll get a table. If there are 12 or 16 of you, it's another matter and you should check with the Maitre 'D when you board. Or, work with your travel agent to get you all changed to Traditional Dining with your reservation numbers linked so you will be assigned tables together. I have a problem with the times assigned to Traditional Dining. I know it can vary by cruise but for our upcoming Alaska cruise on the Star, early is 5:00, which is way, way to early. Late is 7:15 which can make it difficult to get to the performance in the theatre. We prefer to go to the early show then take our chances in line at Anytime Dining.
  4. It depends on your disembarkation port. I know it's generally available in Ft. Lauderdale.
  5. Be sure to check out the enrichment lectures, both on the way over and on the way back - they are exceptional! On your Honolulu stop, one of the options will be a luau in the evening. We chose not to do that for a variety of reasons and spent the night onboard. The performers in the theatre that night were students of a hula school. We were entertained by highly skilled dancers down to adorable little ones who were a delight to watch. It was a memorable evening.
  6. When we did that cruise, we booked some of our tours through Roberts Hawaii. On their web page, under the "More" tab, you'll see a listing for shore excursions; you can enter your specific cruise and they'll tell you what's available.
  7. We have gotten invitations to the helipad sailway from certain ports and it's always fun to attend. We're Elite and sail in Aqua Class, I'm not sure which gets us the invitation. They will serve sparkling wine at the event.
  8. Is there any way to determine the location of the fire doors from the deck plans? We often travel with others and open between our balconies. We've never had an issue on a Princess ship but I often wonder if we'll run into that problem sometime.
  9. Our kids work crazy busy jobs and have active social lives at home. For a seven day cruise, they enjoy some quiet time relaxing with the folks. They're all foodies and enjoy a well-crafted cocktail so Summit works very well for us.
  10. A couple of years ago on the Royal, I went to the Captain's Circle hostess because we had not received our cocktail hour invitation. She told me to ask my cabin attendant. I told her that I had and that the cabin attendant had no idea what I was talking about. She said she'd look into it. That night, there was a mountain of flyers and promotional items in our cabin. Apparently, the young woman taking care of our cabin did not know that there were materials that she was expected to deliver to her cabins. We were on the Emerald transatlantic in November where there were a large number of Platinums and Elites so the event was moved to Club Fusion. There were so few people there every night, I can't imagine them limiting it to just Elites.
  11. 2theship


    This is from 2011 but much of the information is still reliable. You should check more current bus maps, etc. https://www.tomsportguides.com/uploads/5/8/5/4/58547429/lisbon-06-29-2011.pdf
  12. Everything was great about using the luggage service on Southwest in Ft. Lauderdale except for checking in for boarding position. I'd advise you to either purchase early bird check-in or to do your own check-in at the 24 hour mark.
  13. We have Verizon and I did exactly what you describe above. There were no additional charges on my bill when I got home so I guess it worked. We were on the Emerald Princess westbound transatlantic last November.
  14. The dining room stops seating at 8:30. If you get there at 8:15, you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast.
  15. If you use any high-end cosmetics, the onboard prices are the same as at home, at least in my experience. You can spend a lot of money very quickly in those shops.
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