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  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss! I've read many of your wonderful blogs and admired you and Judy. My husband passed away a few minths ago but it wasn't sudden. My sympathies and heart go out to you.
  2. It's a ship! Just returned from our cruise on the Ruby. Inside, it's comfortable. First day is chilly... Last day will be chilly as well.
  3. Yes, it was! Truly surprising, but great!
  4. it was a lovely email. I cannot get into the details. As far as Jan Swartz' email is concerned, I don't feel comfortable sharing it. Sorry! No doubt you can get it from someone on the boards or you can email customerrelations@princesscruises.com to resolve your issue. I've always loved sailing with Princess and am definitely looking forward to my cruise in 10 days on the Ruby!
  5. I was astonished to have received an email in response to mine - yes, I did email her to commend the crew of the Caribbean Princess, among other things. Within an hour, she responded! Amazing!
  6. Hi. I've followed many of your adventures. This one promises to be spectacular! Enjoy the cruise of a lifetime!
  7. Thank you all! As most of you know, my husband had been very, very ill for years. I really appreciate your good wishes. Joe, too bad we will miss each other... But maybe next time on the Royal? I'm booked on the October 4, 2019 10 day Mexican Riviera on the Royal. Whether I make it remains to be seen! In the meantime, the Ruby cruise will definitely be interesting. I'm going with a first time cruiser! Now, that should be fun!
  8. Thank you! That 14 day Circle Caribbean was fabulous!
  9. I had a wonderful cruise on the Caribbean Princess in November 2018 with my son. I did want to share that the Caribbean Princess was fabulous. The crew was the best I have seen... Medallion worked really well. I did the Ashes to Sea program gor my husband. It was very, very difficult but Princess did a fabulous job. Now, onto the Ruby Princess on February 2 with my friend. This is a girls' cruise!
  10. All of you failed to notice OP was referring to Ruby Princess which sails out of Los Angeles! OP, are they on a Mexican Riviera cruise? If so, Medano Beach in Cabo, Stone Island in Mazatlan.
  11. No, I did not! I don't think you can negotiate with them from what I've read here... I guess if they want my cabin, as it appears to be the case, a free upgrade may now be possible.
  12. Going to to Mexico, again, on February 2, on the Ruby. I booked an inside cabin. I received 3 upsell offers, one for a balcony ($169 pp), way too expensive for a 7 day cruise. That was the same cost that was offered on my 14 day cruise on Caribbean Princess in November! Then 2 other upsell offers for an Ocean View...($69 pp). Amazing! By the way, I know my signature is wrong but with the new setup, can't figure out how to change it!
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