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  1. It was very difficult here, particularly for border communities, so there were special "border bubble" rules brought in for them - something like border community dwellers could cross over into the adjoining town to conduct their business, but they couldn't go any further. There's no denying it was difficult, but it worked, so now people are free to move around again, with some precautions of course.
  2. Our success was in dealing with a spike in infections - I did say there would need to be a long term resolution like a vaccine. We currently have zero locally acquired cases throughout the country, which IS a success in anyone's book. Now that both countries have effectively dealt with our "locally acquired" problem (ie: no more community transmission, we just need to ensure our quarantine is handled correctly going forward) we are opening up borders between the two countries. Pacific nations have indicated they will welcome us shortly - so cruising the Pacific will be back on t
  3. Correct. Take away (what we call take out here) was adopted by many restaurants that didn't do it before. All of the delivery businesses had a boom. People just had to eat at home. AND, where I live, households weren't allowed to visit each other, to restrict the spread of the virus. Part of the reason for our second wave was the spread from household to household. So unless you were caring for someone, you couldn't visit friends/family, nor could they visit you. It all comes back to stopping the spread by preventing too much contact. Unfortunately, isolation is necessary
  4. I'm not sure that "gloating" is the word, but if you like to think that, enjoy. Needless to say, whatever we did, worked.
  5. Many of the things you have cited as needing to be closed were closed (get togethers in homes, church meetings etc...) and you are right that there is no science in letting an amusement park be open. They were all closed here until recently. The science is that you have to stop people from mixing in order to stop the disease from spreading. It's pretty simple. Yes, family members will pass it among themselves, but they won't spread it to households that don't have it already. That gives the hospitals the chance to treat the people who do have it without getting overwhelmed.
  6. There's a whole big world outside of the USA - even if the ADA applied to ships leaving American ports, it won't apply to ships leaving Non-American ports, will it? Remember that ships visit ports too - and those ports (in other countries) have the ability to refuse docking if they suspect illness on a ship. If the cruise line can't demonstrate that all precautions have been taken - docking will be refused.
  7. Hi, I just found this post. There is a cruise pause until March 17th. Let's hope it doesn't get extended again. As to when the government will allow tourists in - I think that will depend on where you are coming from. If it's a known hotspot - forget it. The vaccine only works if the majority of people take it, and only time will tell if that's the case.
  8. A contract is entered into when you pay your money. When they sell a ship, they make it impossible to honour the contract. Decisions to sell ships aren't made on a whim, there is no excuse for taking bookings when they are in negotiations.
  9. And I wonder how many bookings they took while they were in these negotiations, planning that the ship would never sail again for P&O.
  10. As my booking on the Dawn was cancelled due to Covid - I rebooked for a later cruise with the anticipated FCC. Then P&O sold the Dawn. I booked on the Aria. Then P&O sold the Aria. I'm getting a bit concerned about any future bookings to use the money P&O owes me - lately if I book, it seems to be the death knell for a ship!
  11. Aria has been sold now. Good job P&O - as if people aren't struggling enough with cancellations, trying to get refunds for cancelled holidays etc... now you have sold not one but two ships - and still no sign of an FCC for a cruise booked and paid for months ago!
  12. Thanks for that info - I received a part refund for a trip to the USA, but now that I know there were "different rules" for the USA, I will call them and follow that up.
  13. I institute a complaint in NSW fair trading - I finally got "some response" from Princess. I have received some money back, but it appears they have shortpaid me - I paid in one lump sum for the cruise only, no add ons, but by my calculations, even with the change in exchange rates, I have been defrauded of over $400 AUD. Princess are refusing compensation for their lack of action but I am still pursuing the matter, however it is some consolation that I have received the bulk of my money back.
  14. I'm looking forward to this cruise - it's hubby's birthday on sailing day. Fingers crossed this cruise goes ahead, I've had one cancelled & another we were on the point of booking obviously isn't going ahead either...
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