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  1. We are leaving for an asian cruise out of Hong Kong next weekend and I sure hope that we can see the game, even though it will be on in the middle of the night. I hope that my team beats the Giants on Sunday first.
  2. I have been using the same agency and the same agent for over 5 years and I have never ever had any issue with her or them. I know its the same agency that you are speaking about. You just have to understand that the agent is there for 12 reason to make the bookings and that they have a really large customer service department to handle after the sale issues. They are so good that if I change something with "X", ie....an upgrade, they send me a confirmation email and tell me to make sure that I upgrade the insurance as well. If the OP is using them, then they should have no problem transferring the booking. When we book on board for a future cruise, we automatically let them know that we are going to transfer it to our TA. Howard
  3. We ordered and got them in a few days......no problems. We got upgraded by the auction and gain ordered them and they received in 3 days. Perfect and its Christmastime for the mail.
  4. Ship: Millenium Length of Cruise: 14 days Cruise Sail Date: 1/4/20 Date email offer received: Didn’t receive email, logged in Celebrity website as soon as it was available, I think 40 days out or so Captain’s Club Tier : Select Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: 20165 Cat: Inside Guarantee Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Concierge Balcony Bid Offer: $350pp Notification Date: 12/16/19 (20 days prior to sail date) Accepted / Rejected: Accepted
  5. I have been on Celebrity a handful of times, and we have been all over the Caribbean and even the Med last year. We are going to asia in January for 2 weeks, does this route tend to be more formal or more casual compared to the above? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Packing for 2 weeks and pre and post cruise is going to be a challenge especially with really dressed up clothing. Howard
  6. I have a TA, am I eligible for a MoveUp?
  7. We are on her in January, can't wait. Looks great Great Pics
  8. Dani, Happy New Year. I have gotten so much different information about this upcoming cruise. I don't know who to believe any more. It's crazy, the TA tells me one thing, the cruise line something else and the embassy a third thing. Have an easy fast. Howard
  9. My wife and I are on the Millennium going Hong Kong to Singapore starting on 1/4/20. We called our TA who is a large national agency who sold ua travel insurance (we never travel without it) and they gave me their number. I called them and they told me that civil unrest would not be a covered reason to cancel and get a refund. They also only pay $300 for a missed embarkation port. This is hardly enough money to get us to the next stop in Vietnam should we miss Hong Kong. We were then advised to use "cruise line airfare" and we then booked the air through choice air because celebrity guarantees us passage. Any thoughts? I know we are 4 months away but things can happen.
  10. Where should we RUN to to get vibe passes on the Getaway next weekend? We plan on arriving at the port to be in group 1 at 9:30 AM TIA
  11. How much are individual water bottles on board? Can we buy a 6/12 pack in the gift shops? TIA
  12. Can you imagine not having a drink package and ordering a grey goose and tonic on board the ship and the bill came to between $24 AND $25 dollars including the tip? How much would a double be? This is just crazy for a spirit that is around $30 for a bottle. How can NCL justify these prices? Even at a very fancy 5 star restaurant in Phila, NYC or Miami, this would be overpriced. Howard PS.........NCL, we see right through your nickel and dime tactics.
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