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  1. It's not airborne, direct from the WHO website... The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through contact with an infected person through respiratory droplets generated when a person, for example, coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. It is important that everyone practice good respiratory hygiene. For example, sneeze or cough into a flexed elbow, or use a tissue and discard it immediately into a closed bin. It is also very important for people to wash their hands regularly with either alcohol-based hand rub or soap and wa
  2. We've been there and done that for formal nights. We travel from Australia and are away from home for four - six weeks with the cruise just being a part of our travels plans so to pack formal or dressy outfits including shoes for just one or two nights isn't reasonable. We don't go to the main dining room on these nights we go to the Windjammer. It's our holiday as much as anyone else's, we're just there to have a good time and have some great experiences.
  3. We don't take anything dressy anymore but we don't go to the main dining room that night either.
  4. Not sure this will happen. We've just salied on Voyager which has had a major dry dock and there was a lot of things that weren't updated like broken/cracked tiles, the public toilets hadn't changed at all, some of the carpet was still worn. My husband just said that nothing stood out to him that it had been refurbished. Both Explorer and Voyager have spent a few years in the Australian market and after sailing ships in the US market I don't think they've maintained the Australian ones aswell. Radiance would be an exception to that and Ovation is only 5 years old.
  5. We received an email yesterday that our shore excursion which included a hike up Mt Vesuvius has been cancelled.
  6. Thanks for posting. We're on the return journey from Dubai to Rome in March 2020. Regards, Tamara
  7. RCL have a post on Facebook and have an announcement on their website with the phone numbers to contact. They're numbers that have been specifically set up for this tragedy. I've also seen the number for Australians to contact posted on other sites.
  8. My parents are currently on Pacific Aria to PNG. My Dad can't swim, has been sea sick on ferries and was never keen on going on a cruise. Mum finally convinced him and I've seen some photo's and the water looks very calm going along the Queensland coast and at their ports of call. I did the research for their trip and PNG looks amazing. Would be very different from NZ as PNG is not a developed country.
  9. It's US Dollars. Make sure you take some with you as the exchange rate in the casino is terrible.
  10. No it was in March this year. It's more the fact that the service charge has been added when normally on the Australian website we don't pay it (it may be included) but why is it showing as separate item?
  11. The current price is AUD$68.50 plus the 18% service charge. Out last cruise we paid about AUD$67 with no added service charge. The price we paid for the actual cruise was cheaper than what I looked it up online on both the Australian site and the US site (taking into account conversion rates).
  12. Hi. My husband and I are Australian and we have booked a cruise from Rome to Dubai while on our South Pacific Cruise earlier this year. The Rome to Dubai cruise was booked in Australian dollars. I have just gone to book our Drink Packages which is is Australian dollars and it is has added the 18% service charge. I'm wondering why it has done this as normally in Australia we don't pay the service charge. Could it be that we booked the cruise onboard and we are on US Terms & Conditions and not Australian? Thanks, Tamara.
  13. Hi My husband and I have booked Royal Caribbean from Dubai to Rome in March 2020. One of our stops is Aqaba Jordan and I'm trying to find put if we need a Visa to enter (well to board the ship really as we understand that if we don't have the correct Visa's for the countries we visit they may not let us board). I've found that Oman is ok to visit for cruise ship passengers without a visa and we're in European countries but I can't find anything specific for cruise ship passengers for Jordan. Would love to hear from anyone with any information on this region. Thanks s
  14. Hi. We're going on Jewel next March Dubai to Rome for 16 nights. We're both night owls and was wondering what food if any is available late at night? On other ships we usually grab a piece of pizza before heading off to bed. Thanks.
  15. Thanks so much for your responses, I appreciate it.
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