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  1. regarding excurion questions- we booked soon after we boarded (don't know if that was necessary or not). In St John did St Martin's and Bay of Fundy tour (5 hours, 80.00) and in Halifax did Peggy's Cove and Titanic tour (4 hours, 40.00). Enjoyed both very much, the great weather helped. Next time we would maybe rent a car like others we met & drive along to those coastal areas. Having never been there before we got a lot of interesting information on the tours that we wouldn't have otherwise. We all enjoyed both tours.
  2. Was on this same cruise, ditto on the 55th street U-turn (the GPS wasn't helping find the entrance ramp, finally remembered to look at the directions we printed from Carnival to make that last few yards!) and ditto on the fog horn! We timed it at one point, it was once a minute for hours! Ear plugs saved some of us at night. It wasn't that hard to tune out for others but I'd definately bring them along next time. We got lucky watching movies one night, don't recall hearing it at all.
  3. Our neighbors will be on this cruise tomorrow and we will be taking the same one on July 17. Can't wait for details. We're trying to decide on excursions now.
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    Getting overwhelmed-please help

    Well I guess if I just decide I won't go wrong it should work out. Our main goal is to see Alaska, we can't see it all in 2 weeks & I imagine whichever parts we do see we'll love. From what I read, there are big fans of driving yourself & doing the cruisetour thing. I guess I"ll have to do a little more research & then just choose. I've gotten so out of doing months of research for trips like I used to love & now I just feel too tired to figure it all out! I'll look up some of your suggestions. Thanks
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    Getting overwhelmed-please help

    I've been trying to plan this AK cruise/tour for 3 years but keep scratching it due to the overwhelming amount of info to plan. I"m almost at that point again. I know these questions have probably been addressed a million times on this board but please save me more frustrations and help me out. I promise I will search for the rest of my answers!! Hopefully these are all legal questions. I'm not a big cruise person but know that parts of AK can really only be seen this way, plus others going with us really enjoy cruising. I want to have some amount of time for land exploration, including some hiking. SO.. 1. Cruisetour or cruise plus independent tour? 2. How do I find independent tour companies and do they coordinate with the cruise schedules? i.e. Can I get easily from the ship to the tour & vice versa. (I've considered renting a car but we really don't want to deal with driving, easy as it may be. Did it in Europe more than once, just don't want the effort this trip). Also not too into the bigger cities so don't really care about those choices 4. I've heard HAL is more geared towards seniors- T or F? We aren't big late night, party type people but don't want an all seniors type cruise either. 5. We are interested in some rail & tour bus (I guess) travel and at least 2 nights in Danali for some hiking & exploring not just around the camp grounds. Also where to stay in the park (Princess only?). Any suggestions? 6. Any things to consider when choosing a cruiseline. So many similarities, what are the differences? I have so many more but if you help me get started with some of these I promise I will search & search for the rest. Thanks in advance.