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  1. Thank you for your immediate reply. It was very helpful. At 4:30 this morning my credit card account shows that 18 of the transactions have processed at B of A. I think that means that princess lifted the security review.. as a result of that, I optimistically anticipate receipt of the remaining processed $500 gift cards today.So I will not attempt to use a different credit card nor use Char's account to purchase any additional. I'll call Gift Card Support if I don't get the gift card emails by noon. My travel agent has extended my final payment date until the 9th of January. I
  2. John & Pam, I do have kind of story and a question regarding the Bonus 25 Promotion. First, the question. Can you email me at captainandmrspinball@gmail.com to tell me how many gift cards you have received? After reading your post I thought, "Well, that could work for me." I first called Princess Gift Card Support and they verified that the promotion is "'it is one per transaction." I called my credit card company to alert them that I'd be making 20 transactions for $500 to the same company on the same day so they would not refuse the charges. I
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