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  1. Well stated. Elite Plus and now just a solid Viking Ocean convert.
  2. We where on the 29 run in Dec doing Santiago to LA. We have also done a previous 24 day run in the Caribbean with Viking...…..Totally sold. Background is we have done 105 cruise on ALL the major lines. Diamond plus...Elite Plus and every other category you can think. We have also done about 6 Crystal and Regent cruises and the bottom line is "bang for buck" no one can beat Viking for service , quality and amenities.
  3. Elite plus member doing first Edge run. First time in IV. Best location . Deck 6-9. Do beds alternate like the Solstice class.
  4. Suggest to just print out the Viking policy and when booking state you have copy of the guidelines and expect that as OBC or check upon return.
  5. We always gets the TA allowable OBC, but just have them send us a check direct to house upon return. Becomes part of next cruise deposit. When one gets that little white paper on the your door morning of disembarkation the only fee is the gratuities. I would just like to walk off owning nothing, knowing that is was paid upfront.
  6. Change of content. Having done several Viking runs and over 100 + other cruises, I feel Viking should just raise tariff and INCLUDED gratuities like most other premium/luxury lines ie Crystal/ Regent etc. I have put this on every post cruise sailing comment card with no answer. Do others agree.
  7. Never rely on Viking website for any deals. I normally use Price Alerts under Cruise Critic and I also use a website that allows TA's to offer prices on deals then have under group space or FAM fares. (Assured I can't post the name but google the answer.). I then use 3 TA's that I done business with to offer the best deal they can. Usually some will cut into there commission.
  8. On the Sun presently. Valparaiso to LA. Having done previous Viking cruises, first we find the food actually better than past cruises. As for last minute deals. They definably do exist. We paid 186/pp/der day for this cruise and in a DV 6 cabin. Had free air and transfers and have free pre paid gratuities by agent with 600 credit on receipt once back home. One just needs to look for last minute deals. At time of booking we had over a dozen cabins on all floors to choose from.
  9. I would still try. I have literally done this a dozen times without fail!!!!
  10. Do this all the time without fail...….go to table to buy chips. Say $300 NR OBC. Ask for 300 for real chips(tables do not have the gray promotional chips). Signed receipt for 315(5% charge) Excuse yourself and go to cage to cash out the 300 of real chips.
  11. Will add to the story. We have done 105 cruises on all the major lines. Diamond +, Elite + , 4 star Mariner. After a recent Viking promotion, we tried this line and can honestly say we are not going back to the main stream ships. Sophisticated, elegant but not pretensive. Going in a few week for a month cruise.
  12. Elite + with Celebrity. Have all the same concerns you initially listed. After research and doing spreadsheet on costs, Viking Ocean has satisfied all our needs. Mets all your concerns short of any BIG entertainment. Look at there Spa features that are all included. Specialty restaurants included. Alcohol included. Very mature passengers.
  13. Have been enjoying all the entries in this travel blog. We pick you all up in Valparaiso for the LA run. Have a side bar question relating to the gym. We go every day and in the last 2 sailings on the Star, none of the TV screens on the treadmills offered any TV signal or movies. Is that true with the Sun also.????
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