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    Remember that tip I talked about early.....always walked out at 7 PM with two wine glasses nd two water bottles.
  2. Why pay 20 AU when you get the same thing with easyeta for 9.95 US??????

    CC HH

    Clarification...…. There are drinks on the Seniors officer night in the Sky Lounge. Just not exclusive to Elite members and above. The lounge is open to the public that night. A good initial tip will basically get you any drink you want. I was drinking Lemon drops and Apricot sours for the whole cruise.
  4. OP...…..Enjoy all types of food. Looking for the more native AU foods.
  5. Have cruise out of Sydney many times. Next cruise is out of Melbourne. Aware of major tourists sites and shuttle service at airport.. Looking for hidden places like, best cafes, hotels( apts) to stay in CBD, etc. Open to all suggestions.
  6. Totally agree. AVTO bus is 8 euro. 1 euro for People mover. Sure Celebrity is in the 30 dollar + range.
  7. Big fan of Riedel glasses and the classes offered. We even did a Cola-Cola glass testing class on a longer cruise.
  8. We have turned in Classic for 300 OBC. Being Elite Plus , have enough drinks options.
  9. Why even brother with cushion of OBC. We book air and lodging with Credit card points. Book the lowest balcony at the cheapest price after final payment with NO perks. Rack up charges for gratuities ,etc and have all those charged to credit card with Chase Reserve giving 3 points for travel credits. Ready for the next trip.
  10. On last cruise no reception was offered. I ask Tell us Viking and then said to inquire once on board. Have 30 days cruise on Sun and use the gym everyday. Does anyone know if TV screens on treadmill or elliptical get reception.
  11. I cancelled Classic first day on board and got 300 OBC.
  12. Have cruised both Regent and Crystal numbers times. Wonderful in all aspects. The main reason we are more Viking people, is we get very similar experience at about HALF the price.
  13. I always us Easy ETA for 9.95 UD.
  14. Have purchase Silvers package in the past and enjoyed it. Just booked 27 day cruise on Sun and question if that much drinking is necessary. So can one use there BYOB for say the fist 15 days and then purchase with OBC the Silver package for the remaining 12 days.
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