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    Has anyone used Fab Tours lately?

    Just got back Sunday (10/12/08) from our cruise to the Western Caribbean aboard the Carnival Legend. We too didn't want to take the Carnival excursion to their private beach and opted to try to do it on our own. Before we left, I contacted Coral Breeze to see if they would transport us to Bannister Island and they replied very quickly and said that no one else was able to take visitors there, just the cruselines. So, we tendered in to Belize only to be hoarded by the locals offering various trips. We went with Fab Tours because they had the yellow golf shirts bearing their logo and appeared to be legit. We were the first 8 to sign up for their private beach tour at $30 pp or we could do the private beach and snorkeling for $49 pp, but we just went for the beach part. They said that they like to get between 20-25 before they would take off, so we headed up to the Wet Lizard for a couple of drinks. When it was finally time to leave, we got in their boat (Sponge Fab or something like that) and sat and sat and sat while they tried to sign more people up for the excursion. We all sat there for so long in the blazing sun sweating our rears off while they got about 10 more people sardined in the boat for a total of about 40 people which was way too many. We headed out to the island and about a 1/4 way there, the motors hit something (too much weight in the boat) and stopped working at full speed. We stopped and they tried to fix them and got one to work at 1/2 speed. Did I say it was blazing hot outside? Well the 15-20 minute ride took about 40-45 minutes. We got to the beach and it was a complete joke. The beach was crap, the water was cloudy, and there were PVC pipes coming out of these few buildings right by what they considered the beach. It smelled like a complete sewer and the sand in the water was like quick sand when you would walk out in it. We weren't even there for 10 minutes when a lady on the tour with us went up to one of the people from Fab Tours and said that she wanted to go back and that the place was nasty. They just laughed at all of us when we chimed in that we wanted to go back. We seriously were waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out and say that we had been punked! Meanwhile, they brought another boat out in case they couldn't use the first one we were on and it was a piece of junk and very small. Almost everyone on the beach part of the tour begged for them to take us back and they had one excuse after another and wouldn't. When they finally agreed to take us back if we had at least 18 people ready to go back, they packed us into the 2nd boat they brought over and then everyone else said they wanted to go to so they filled up the first boat too. We waited in those boats for at least a 1/2 an hour while they messed around. Did I mention that it was blazing hot outside? It got so bad that people on the boats started yelling at the Tour people. Our boat demanded that they take us directly to the ship and they finally did. Our first contact with Fab Tours was at 9:30 am and we finally got back on board at 3:00 pm (last tender was at 4:00 pm). It was a total wasted day. My advice to everyone is DO NOT DO THE PRIVATE BEACH TOUR WITH FAB TOURS OR YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!!!
  2. Nitra Renee

    Legend Questions

    Also... I have been on many cruises before and all different lines and the Legend by far was the worst kept ship and unhappy staff that I've been on. I don't blame the staff entirely though. They are so understaffed that there is no way they can keep up with the cleanliness of the ship. An example would be if you left a plate or cup out at the pool area during the day, you'll find it in the exact location that evening. I've never seen anything like it in my 20+ years cruising. I wonder if they are all going in that direction? We were on the sister ship Miracle in December 06 and Princess in October 05 and it was an entirely different story. I will think twice about booking a Carnival cruise in the near future and stay with a little higher quality such as Princess for roughly the same price. The quality of the food had also gone down the tubes. BUT, you sure can't beat the price of crusing for 7-nights, food included, and beautiful ports!!!
  3. Nitra Renee

    Legend Questions

    Went on the Legend last week and there was a bar on the other side of the casino that played 70s and 80s music, but it was hit or miss with people in there dancing. The disco was open all nights except for the day in Belize and played everything from techno and salsa to the electric slide. It was fairly crowded most nights. I thought the disco set up was odd compared to many other ships I've been on before. It was fairly small and crowded because it was on two floors with a balcony looking down to the dance floor with limited seating. Princess ships have had the best discos I have seen where you take an escalator over to the Luke Skywalker bar. We were in a group of 6 couples and two single males for a total of 14. Not too many other people to hang out with on our cruise, but I guess we weren't looking either. We spent most of our time at the casino and the sports bar that was attached to it.
  4. Nitra Renee

    Packing wine...

    Just got back last night from a 7-day cruise. We had 14 people in our group and everyone packed some alcohol. I took two boxes of wine in my checked luggage and several of us bought rum runner flasks and filled them with Crown Royal. I inserted the boxes and the flasks in XL Ziplock bags in case something went wrong and we had absolutely no problems whatsoever! Several couples bought vodka at one of the ports, filled up the large water bottle and carried it back on board without incident. Have a great cruise!
  5. Just got back from our cruise to the Western Caribbean last night and I took a plastic water jug with me and was glad I did. Any kind will do and if you do forget, they sell bottled water before each day at sea, but it's expensive in comparison. Just head up to the lido deck buffet and fill it up.