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    traveled on the Princess, and Carnival and they are both wonderful
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  1. 189 dollars which included a carton of cigarettes for son, a bottle of liquer, and gratuities for a 7 day cruise.
  2. Goldmoon

    Carnival vs Princess

    I think you will like it. It is a little dressier in the evenings, making it more romantic. There was a swimming pool in the serenity area for the adults which I wish carnival had. When I went room service was not 24 hr, but the buffet was, a more limited selection but all night. Loved going for fresh fruit and coffee. Happy Anniversary and have fun.
  3. Great to hear all the positive things. My son and I are going on his first, my ninth, but our first cruise on the Fascination and first out of Jacksonville. Usually cruise out of New Orleans, which is only about 5 hours from home, but found out Jacksonville is only 8 apposed to Port Canavaral which is a little over 10. A cruise is what you make of it, and so far I have had only one cruise with just standard room service, the rest were above and beyond, and all my dining room staff has always been above and beyond. Food varies ship to ship and cruise to cruise, but I always find something I like and something good and something excellent. And a whole vacation of no cooking, no cleaning, beautiful sites, relaxation, and wonderful new people to meet (at least mostly).:) Can't wait to go, will give dh and I, and my friend and I a new port to go out of, with new places to see.