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  1. [quote name='newparents']Just for fun :) What is the most or least you have spent on your hol (spending money I mean, not price of holiday) We dont use the casino so our biggest expense on board is photos and drinks. We have our drinks packages in place for our b2b on Freedom next week so even that will be gone. I enjoy the shops on board, always buy perfume for myself and rci t-shirts for the kids and hubby buys a mug from whatever ship we are on. So anything you must splurge on when on board?? Casino? Spa? Choppes?? :)[/QUOTE] 189 dollars which included a carton of cigarettes for son, a bottle of liquer, and gratuities for a 7 day cruise.
  2. Goldmoon

    Carnival vs Princess

    I think you will like it. It is a little dressier in the evenings, making it more romantic. There was a swimming pool in the serenity area for the adults which I wish carnival had. When I went room service was not 24 hr, but the buffet was, a more limited selection but all night. Loved going for fresh fruit and coffee. Happy Anniversary and have fun.
  3. Great to hear all the positive things. My son and I are going on his first, my ninth, but our first cruise on the Fascination and first out of Jacksonville. Usually cruise out of New Orleans, which is only about 5 hours from home, but found out Jacksonville is only 8 apposed to Port Canavaral which is a little over 10. A cruise is what you make of it, and so far I have had only one cruise with just standard room service, the rest were above and beyond, and all my dining room staff has always been above and beyond. Food varies ship to ship and cruise to cruise, but I always find something I like and something good and something excellent. And a whole vacation of no cooking, no cleaning, beautiful sites, relaxation, and wonderful new people to meet (at least mostly).:) Can't wait to go, will give dh and I, and my friend and I a new port to go out of, with new places to see.
  4. Goldmoon

    Anyone Been on the Glory?

    I loved the Glory and her sister ship the Freedom. The ship was clean, the service was excellent, and the food was good. Of course it was only my second Carnival cruise, 3 rd cruise overall, and loved the variety. I found the buffet to have a good variety of items, and the lines went quickly. The serenity deck was awesome, and it had a good variety of music. Look between the lines on some people's comments. Some people could win a world cruise and gripe because they had to find thier own transportation to the port. Dh loved the mongolian grill.
  5. Goldmoon

    Your Time Dining

    [quote name='cherylswirl']My husband and I are thinking of trying the anytime dining on our next cruise which is new to us. My question is, Is the menu the same as the early/late dining in the MDR? Where is the anytime dining at? Thanks, Cheryl[/quote] As the other posts said, same resteraunt, same menu. You can also ask for a particualr waiter, if you found one that you especially like (that could make a wait time,.. or not). The first time (ytd was new to Carnival), we did ytd on Carnival, they just put you in with everyone else and it wasn't seperated at all... that was a little crazy and we had wait times. Now they have a seprate area (or in the case of 2 story resteraunts .. one lvl will be for tyd, and it runs very smoothly. Your S&S card will have your resteraunt (and what lvl) and tyd on your card, so you will know where to go . They do not have room numbers on the card... that is why many people decorate thier doors.
  6. Goldmoon

    cash only with sign and sail acount question

    [B][quote name='DJ Vagistat']My wife and i are going on a 3 day cruise on the imagination next week. I understand that you can start a Sail & Sign account with cash and that there will be a deposit of $100 per person. My question is are we going to be able to spend any of the upfront deposit? I assume no but i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.[/quote][/B] The deposit of a hundred dollars each, is to start your account, you can put in more if you like also. And yes it is for you to spend, when it gets down so low they will send you a msg (usually written and delivered to your room or inbox by your door), to put more money in your account. I hope that helped, and congrads on your first cruise. My first was a 7 day, and I didn't think that was long enough, wanted to turn around and get back on.
  7. Goldmoon

    How are the beds on carnival

    [quote name='pompoms40']I have memory foam on my bed at home and was wondering how soft the beds are:))[/quote] They probably won't be as soft as your memory foam. But all the ships I have been on so far on Carnival, have had very good beds and pillows I wanted to take home. I have heard they aren't quite as comfortable just before time to trade out for new mattresses, but dd and her dh slept on one that they had the new mattresses under the beds, waiting for the next time to port to change them out, and they said they were still quite comfortable. They usually have extra pillows in the closet, and you can ask for extra if they don't (or even if they do), and extra blankets if u need them.
  8. Goldmoon

    Something Wonderful on the New Menu

    Yes, I can see it as a side dish on the ship, but not a main course.... Everyone ought to order it as a side dish that loves mac n cheese, and still order a main dish. A side dish or on childrens menu is perfect for it.
  9. Goldmoon

    Carnival's New Menu

    One thing we can do for our dislikes, is not order it. They plan on so many people eatting a certain amount of each item. If they have to take back so many orders of uneatten menu items, it is a loss and they will rethink the menu again, keeping the items that people order and enjoy. I don't see anything wrong with a fried chicken item, it makes more sense than meatloaf or mac and cheese. The mac and cheese ought to be on the childrens menu, which all people have a choice from ordering from if they choose.
  10. Goldmoon

    Carnival's New Menu

    I liked a lot of the selections, some I didn't, but that was also on the old menu. I don't like that they took off the shrimp cocktail, it was hubbys favorite and actually might effect how often he cruises... lol, however I am serious.... it was his favortie part of the cruise almost. But if I want mac and cheese, meatloaf, and pot roast I will go to Dennys, the corner resteraunt or eat at home, and a hamburger you can get on the lido and should be offered at lunch instead of a main dinner item.
  11. Goldmoon

    Wine Carry Ons and the First nite on board

    [B][quote name='SouthernBelle_N_Louisiana']We plan to bring 2-750 ml bottles of wine on, which follows the Carnival guidelines. [/B] [B]Here are the questions.... [COLOR=magenta]Do we chill in our room (if there is a fridge)?[/COLOR] [I][COLOR=purple]Or, once we board, do we take the bottles to the dining room to store and allow them to chill?[/COLOR][/I] [COLOR=blue]Do they assign it to our table/name? How does all that work the first night on board?[/COLOR][/quote][/B] You can carry it to the mdr, however they will charge you a corkage fee. They will put it on ice and serve it to you. If is resealable, they will keep it attached to your table and name. Most to save the corkage fee will keep it on ice in thier cooler or even stick it in the ice bucket, and bring a glass with them to the mdr, which is allowed, as are bringing mixed drinks or soft drinks to the table.
  12. Goldmoon

    Carnival Elation hesitancy

    [quote name='cajunpirate']Hi, I am looking for some recent insights on the ship Carnival Elation leaving out of New Orleans. Many reviews I am finding don't leave me with a great impression-substandard food, unhelpful staff, "bargain basement" experience. My boyfriend and I have sailed before but my Mom and sister have never and they are starting to rethink their choice of going. We are badly in need of vacation. If anyone has some recent experiences onboard the Elation that would ease us, that would be great. Thanks, Rae[/quote] Before my cruise on her I had read a lot of good and bad about the ship. The food was very good, like another said not the best I have had on a cruise ship, but very definitely not the worst and the some of the best servers and stewards I have ever had. The ship is easy to negotiate, good music, decent shows. I had a wonderful time.
  13. If you wait to buy the soda sticker until the shops open, the casino opens which means you are out to sea, you save the tax money on the soda card, but that also means you cant start saving on all u can drink soft drinks.....
  14. Goldmoon

    Waiters don't get 100% of tips?

    [B][quote name='Kokopelli2']If you are unhappy with, say, your room steward - can you have the 3.50 per day removed if you want to show your displeasure with just that section?[/B] [B]We have never had service where we have had to do that, but I was just curious if you could "assign" where your gratuity money goes.[/quote][/B] That is an affirmative. I have always had very good stewards, and a several above and beyond... the above and beyond i tip more to, and the very good, sometimes. But I have not recieved poor service that I would pull my tips. You can pull tips from a certain division or person... say your head waiter was rude but his assistant was the best you ever had... (which I have never had that happen either). Mine have always been above and beyond except once when I just got exceptional service... lol. Same with the stewards, you have a main steward then an assistant... the assistant was rude or whatever.. but the main was excellent... but I really can't imagine that happening, the biggest complaint i ever heard from some was not getting an ash tray right away... Mine even offered to bring me an extension cord for my husbands cpap machine, and brought a needle container for his diabetes right away.. always very good. They work very hard for thier tips, and most of the time I tip extra, but don't feel you have to.... all personal choice. Pulling all the tips effects all the hidden people you don't necessarily see, or want to chase down to find out which ones cleaned up after you personally.
  15. Never been, I have enjoyed the main dining room tremendously. Maybe to celebrate a special occasion one day. But I have heard it was delicous. Have a great first cruise. Remember you can order more than one appetizer, entree, or desert (but not in the specialty resteraunt). Unless it is on the Carnival classic menu you will not see it again on the menu.