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  1. Ideally there would just be a pinned thread for selling CN certs if the DM functionality is locked.
  2. It's hard to say if the current issues are the same or different but the Star had major and extended azipod issues in 2017. Only properly-trained engineers with access to all the data could say if this is an ongoing issue or unrelated events. I will say, and it's cold comfort to those affected, NCL is certainly not planning these problems nor is fixing complex engineering issues simple or quick, especially if new parts need to be manufactured, delivered and installed all while trying to maintain some sort of schedule.
  3. So without getting in to the various sides of the debate, I will say that - to be of any use - data must be properly interpreted. On the surface this chart shows growth on gross profit and net income. Of course when you add the capacity of three large ships over that time you would expect these things to go up. It is a flawed assumption that these increases are driven simply by apples-to-apples comparisons over any given time period. On a personal note I have seen many changes in base offering since my first NCL sailing in 2007, some I consider a "loss" and some I consider a "gain". I'm my own experience only (and I loosely track my per night cost of cruising over the years) I am not experiencing a wildly fluctuating inflation-adjusted cost. I still find cruising enjoyable and relatively cost-comparable way of vacationing.
  4. Thanks - I'm P+ and had understood that as well. To all that took the time to respond and share experiences, I'm grateful for your insights. Happy cruising all, Jeff
  5. Except that's not what I see... I see some benefits marked "per member", some marked "per stateroom", and others not delineated one way or the other. As such, after doing my research, I decided to ask for first-hand experiences as shared by @FLAHAM (which I appreciate with thanks). My guess is that tour is per member and the dinner is per stateroom. I appreciate your taking the time to answer. Happy cruising all, Jeff
  6. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=4427 This would seem to indicate that the Sky is a "dedicated" Starbucks and, as such, will accept your gift card.
  7. A very simple question - in all my cruises as plat / plat plus I've never taken advantage of these two perqs and I'm considering it for my upcoming Escape sailing. Looking for first-hand experience, can my non plat / plat plus travel buddy (same booking / stateroom) join for either / both or are these "per member" benefits? The T&C on the benefits page doesn't provide clarity.
  8. Without having an idea of your gambling budget / limit (and I have no desire to know, that's personal), I will say I do carry my "lost" money ($2-3K) in cash and put it in the safe. I get many don't feel comfortable carrying large quantities of cash (and many play much more than me). It would seem the 3% convenience fee with your shipboard account or an advance wire to a casino account are the best way to go if you don't want to carry currency.
  9. To the OP, it would seem you took all the right steps on the original cruise. I have on a number of occasions changed the card I entered when doing my E-docs to a different card when checking in for boarding. Your reason for changing cards is irrelevant, despite others feeling like your motivation is part of the issue. I make card changes depending on the USD-CAD exchange rate at the time as I have both a USD Visa and a CAD Visa and it's a sail date decision how I want to handle currency conversion. This is something NCL gives you the option to do and has the back-end system in place to do. I've never had the slightest issue with this and the check-in agents have always said it's very simple... the card you swipe overrides the card from your E-docs. So, in my experience, you haven't done anything out of the ordinary nor anything that should "confuse" NCLs back-end. Somewhere in here was an element of human error. Keep in mind, entering a CC at E-docs stage is a relatively new phenomenon... most of my cruising life you set up your ship-board account at check-in. I would suggest some people on this thread are reacting to how strongly you've approach the topic... mistakes will happen at every cruise line. It's a big company that receives more complaints post-cruise (for every sailing) than any of us can probably imagine. From a credit card perspective you actually have not been double charged as that would be the same charge twice on the same card. You're out $300 and that sucks - I'd keep fighting it until resolution on principle alone. You are not entitled to extra effort from NCL because of how frequently you cruise... anyone out $300 should get the same attention. There is also blow-back from your own language in your first post about your wife's approach on the current cruise... you've walked it back in subsequent posts but my read of your original post about "no NCL love" being spread certainly made it sound like it was more than a one-time, quiet word your wife had with customer service. I hope you get this situation resolved to your satisfaction... it sucks being stuck between to mega-institutions.
  10. If you have the beverage package you can freely order as many glasses of wine as you want throughout your meal at a price point of $15 or less. If you order a glass of wine worth more than $15 you will pay the difference.
  11. You could have them empty out the mini bar in your room and keep your breast milk in the refrigerator as another option.
  12. Hmmm... everything I've read suggests bar staff don't participate in DSC.
  13. No - it's factored in to my math per my notes above.
  14. Absolutely there are lots of puts and takes. The delta between the sail away and the non X fares can range significantly and I would personally never let NCL select my cabin so it's a sunk cost for me anyway. I was simply just magnifying the $$ factor in my example and this is something newer cruisers may miss.
  15. So here's a real life, real-time example of the real cost of the Free at Sea beverage package. Obviously one would need to calculate this on a particular sailing of interest but this is illustrative of a cruise I have coming up on the Escape on Dec 7, 7 nights out of Miami. (NOTE: I'm in Canada so all prices in CAD) The all-in Sail-Away Inside (IX) rate is CAD $1525 per couple and includes NO Free at Sea perq choices. The all-in rate for the least expensive Inside cabin (IF) that does include one Free at Sea perq choice is CAD $2163 per couple (this price has the auto-grats for the beverage package included). As such the true cost of the "free" beverage package is CAD $638 per couple on this sailing (~$485 USD at today's exchange). That's ~32 beverages at a cost of $15 USD each to break even over the course of the cruise or 2.3 drinks per person per day @ USD $15 / drink.
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