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  1. We sailed on the Vista June 2019, our cabin was the corner unit and considered a Premium Vista, for which we paid a considerable amount more for. The room was so small and did not have a sofa but rather one chair in the corner. The balcony, while it wrapped around the corner was very very narrow and to sit on the 2 chairs one had to sit sideways. I would not recommend that room at all. BUT our friends had the cabin to the left of ours. Also a Premium cabin and their balcony was amazing and definitely worth the extra money. Our other friends had regular aft balconies and that would be where I’d book next time. The rooms were much larger than the Premium Vista cabins and the balconies were very spacious. Definitely book the Havana, it’s well worth the extra cost.
  2. I guess I am old school, I miss not having a tablecloth in the MDR. That subject has been beat to death and it doesn’t appear it will change. Goes right along with not dressing up for dinner. Join the masses or don’t cruise on Carnival, I choose to cruise.
  3. An easier question might be who hasn’t been able to use them on an already booked cruise. I’ve used them twice already. Good Luck and I would go for it. Worst case, I see people offering to buy them all the time.
  4. After 24 cruises and booking directly with cruise lines, we booked a Haven room for a TA with a local TA. Our cost was over $15,000. Never again will I use a TA. I was blocked from any communication with NLC. Since then our cruise has gone down over $2,000. Two weeks ago she told me she called NCL (at my request) and got us $250 OBC, BUT what she didn’t say was that it was a one time opportunity. I understand OBC is not guaranteed and I should be grateful, which I am, but in the future I’ll do my own booking.
  5. We sailed on Epic in a Mini Suite category MB. The storage was way more than we used or expected. Bed was close to entry and shower was fabulous. I love the Epic.
  6. Several weeks ago I noticed our Haven suite price was reduced by $895. I asked our TA to check to see if NCL would offer any OBC. NCL offered us $250 OBC which we took. Today I see that our room is now $2095 less. I asked our TA to contact NCL and ask if they would offer any additional OBC. The TA just told me that an OBC offer from NCL was a one time deal. Does any one know if this is correct or can you offer any other suggestions? I understand that NCL has no obligation to offer anything and I will be thrilled in our Haven Suite, but I am hoping.
  7. There are some hotels near the Pan Am Pier but we took a taxi from El Convento in OSJ. I don’t recall the fare but it was not too expensive. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. We had a handicap Mini Suite on Epic. If you look at deck plans when doing mock booking you will see a square, this indicates a handicap room. Ours was port side in the rear. Good Luck and enjoy the Epic, we loved her.
  9. I don’t think we will ever forget our first cruise (1999) on Carnival Destiny. We had a two top table next to a family of four. Every night that family was so loud and demanding we felt bad for our Servers. On the last night, when you customarily gave your Servers their “envelopes” the family of four was a no show. Twenty years later I still feel bad for how hard they worked to please everyone.
  10. Our total NCL cruise rate was $985 less this week . We are months after final payment but contacted NCL to see what they would offer. We got $250 OBC and I was happy with that. #doesnthurttoask.
  11. No coffee, no water, not sure about virgin frozen drinks but I think they are included.
  12. Yes, we were on the Dawn in Dec 2018 and loved having breakfast and lunch in Modenero. Enjoy your cruise!
  13. I have enjoyed the Oslo Bucco many times. Yummy
  14. We will be on that cruise also and I’m trying to figure out how to pack lightly but seems impossible.
  15. I have been reading and reading and reading all these posts about class distinction and steerage ( thank you for posting the Wikipedia definition). And quite frankly it makes me sad that anyone feels like class separation exists amongst cruise ship passengers. Aren’t we all excited to be cruising? Don’t we look forward to meeting new people and sharing our experiences? I feel awkward because after 30 cruises we are finally splurging on a Haven cabin. I’ll share with you why. Last year we did a TA (balcony). My husband and I were on the Epic Sun Deck and met a lady that was sailing in a OS in the Haven. She said they chose that room because her husband was dying and she wanted his last cruise to be the best they could have. She took us to her cabin and we met her husband. I was glad to spend some time sharing our day and lives with them. When we left my husband said “I’ll be 75 next year do you think we can do a Haven someday before it’s too late for us to enjoy it” One year later and 3 heart operations, 2 knee replacements, and numerous health issues we are booked on a 19 day TA in the Haven in Oct 2019. I certainly don’t feel privileged because we can do this, I feel blessed because my husband gets to experience a Haven cabin before he can no longer enjoy it. Enjoy the journey and treasure every cruising day you have, it’s a privilege many never get to have. I hope to meet many more fellow cruisers and would love to listen.
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