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  1. I would cruise now if the regulations from the cruise lines and my work (I work at a hospital) were manageable. I would not get a COVID vaccine ( it’s way to early and they’re working too fast on it) but have nothing against a Covid test or masking. I kind of like that people don’t look at me and cough without covering their mouths any more (oddly, I still cover mine)! Being a lifelong introvert, Social Distancing doesn’t bother me. It’s hard to hear other people through their masks anyway [emoji38] I have 2 cruises booked for 2021 but am pretty our April one will be a no-go. The September
  2. Our final payment was June 29 for our Sept 2020 Bahamas cruise from NJ. We had a non-refundable deposit and were holding off putting anything on it. Being pretty sure nothing will go out of NJ, and if it does DD and I would have work restrictions coming back, 2 days ago I called and did a Lift & Shift for Sept 2021. I was on hold for about 4 minutes, my non-refundable deposit was moved, my new final payment is now June 2021 and the cost of our Internet and Cabana will be refunded shortly. We also booked the cabin that we wanted. She did say to call back Wed. Or Thurs. to have them se
  3. Thank you for the suggestions! I will call them about the lift and switch since we are planning to book the same cruise for next year at about the same time. Since this was booked pre-COVID and it was a non-refundable deposit (I knew that ahead of time - read the fine print!). I don’t know but it’s worth a shot! Then I can start the Cabana Watch to book one for THAT trip...😉
  4. We’re looking at our final payment date coming up at the end of June for our September Oasis cruise. With all the uncertainty about the Covid-19 rules, we’re thinking cancelling and eating the deposit is the way to go (we’ve not paid anything beyond the deposit on the cruise yet). I did, however already pay for a cabana and internet. Would they refund the costs of those if we cancel or will we have to eat them too? I know I could ask Royal...but I appreciate the information on here! Thanks!
  5. Thank you! I would like to take advantage of the restaurant and the Haven... Guess I'll be booking tomorrow!
  6. I'm thinking of looking optimistically at a cruise for next year and since we have some credits from our cancelled cruise, thought I'd look at a Joy Haven suite. I was wondering what the difference between a Haven Balcony suite and a Haven Courtyard suite is. Is it just that the suite isn't located at the Haven Courtyard (since it's lower down, on the 14th deck), but has all the perks of the Haven? I don't mind not being right there, and really prefer a slightly lower deck anyway. Thanks!
  7. Actually, we are seriously thinking about canceling our cruise. We cruise the 22nd, and with New York City declaring a state of emergency it’s sounding more like it might be wise to cancel. I’m less concerned about the virus, but more concerned about the effect it will have on transportation to and from the pier (we’re doing Amtrak) as well as the possibility that other cruisers may have respiratory symptoms that would cause us to have to wait on board while they rule out. Since I still work, I do have to take my PTO time into consideration, and I do have a job to get back to. Hate to miss
  8. Thank you for the good ideas - it does help. I will, though, ask at the ShorEx desk who I can email to suggest they actually do a direct transfer. Let’s face it, from my NCL sailings, I think they’re missing out on some $$$ there!
  9. I believe it! If we can't get one, we'll just tour around and go back to the ship. The Bliss is pretty big so I know there's some competition there. We'll give it a shot!
  10. Thank you! We'll head there when we get on.
  11. Nice - thank you! That would certainly work. Do they offer them online or is it a stampede at the beach?
  12. Hi! We're doing an Oasis of the Seas cruise to the Bahamas in Sept (in a Boardwalk Balcony - looking forward to it!) and were hoping to meet up with family at Disney Springs. I noticed that Royal DOESN'T offer a Disney Springs transport and thought that was a little odd. NCL does, and on our last cruise with them, they actually had to get another bus because it was quite popular. I noticed while searching that there are several people on the boards who would like to go to Disney Springs only and I was wondering who in RCI could I email to ask why they don't consider it. Any suggestions?
  13. I tried searching this, but no luck... I do still miss the old search function... My husband and I are cruising on the Bliss in March and I've been looking for a cabana of some sort on GSC, but not something as fancy as their Villas. Will they have smaller, lower priced beach shelters for rent (we're not big beach people - we just want shade!) there? The Villas are lovely but a little high priced for a half day! Thanks!
  14. My husband is not happy if he doesn’t have hard copy so I have to print out everything for him - docs, train tickets, trip insurance, hotel reservations...everything. I keep my stuff on my phone/iPad. But the spilled coffee would have brought our the bear in me...! 😆
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