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  1. Thanks for info - I had a feeling that the Vista "suites" were essentially no perks. Oh well I will probably stick to an Oceanview.
  2. Seriously considering a cruise on the Rotterdam and trying to decide cabin type. Can anyone tell me what perks (if any) does one get at the Vista Suite level? Thanks
  3. I loved the atmosphere on our first Windstar cruise (and we are dying to go again - maybe in the later half of 2019). We were on one of the sailing vessels (Wind Surf) and loved it but I can understand why the sailing vessels might not be for you if room size is very important. I agree about Windstar food - absolutely the best we have ever had on a cruise and the service was definitely fantastic. Our fellow passengers were interesting and pleasant. It's too bad that you did not have a good time on Orkney (we were there on another cruise (not Windstar) and it was one of our favorite ports - so much to see (I guess it helps of Neolithic ruins are your thing and if the weather is decent). Reading your review, made me want to book another cruise TODAY! Oops I nearly forgot - I wanted to thank you for the comparisons to other cruiselines - VERY helpful.
  4. Personally I think it's a ridiculous decision on NCL's part - particularly skipping Kona which is nowhere near the eruption. But then I find cruise lines are often absurdly over-cautious about perceived "danger".
  5. That about sums it up - the new website sucks
  6. Don't leave the tray in the hall! Why? 1. It's disgusting. 2. More important - it's dangerous - people can trip over it. 3. It "narrows" the hallways space making it more difficult for people with mobility problems to move around. What's wrong with calling Room service and asking them to pick up the tray IN YOUR ROOM or asking your cabin steward to pick it up from your room.
  7. For us that sucks - we enjoy libraries on ships. The books and the quiet. I guess I will just have to load up more e-books for our upcoming cruise.
  8. Considering all the complaints - has a library been added to the Koningsdam?
  9. Got the email and booked a 10 day southern caribbean on the Koningsdam
  10. That happened to us once - the port charges went down and we got a small refund.
  11. I don't recall saying that it wasn't. On every cruise I have taken there as been a service charge and of course it's to keep the base fare looking low. And I still wish that it was part of the cruise fare regardless of which cruiseline. BTW I don't object to the DSC, I would just prefer to have it rolled into the cruise fare.
  12. A lot of people don't seem to get that simple truth.
  13. A GTY cabin does not mean you will be assigned a cabin that you view as an "upgrade" - as others have explained. It is by their category definitions not by your personal preference for location or otherwise. So if you are picky about location or cabin type, it is probably better NOT to get a GTY cabin.. The first time we booked a GTY, we were not thrilled with the location but since we understood that a GTY is their choice NOT ours, we would have accepted it without complaint. Lucky for us, we were able to "upsell" (pay more) and get a cabin more to our liking. The 2nd time we booked a GTY, we were very lucky and pleased with the cabin assigned. Mostly we don't book GTYs because of the risk of ending up with a cabin whose location we don't like.
  14. If you care: https://www.facebook.com/AntiguaBarbudaHumaneSociety/ Most Caribbean islands have Humane Societies that are desperate for funds.
  15. I really enjoyed this comparison review - it seemed very reasonable and fair to both cruise lines
  16. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2620756 I would love to hear what passengers who were on the cruise think of this.
  17. My opinion: I am glad to see that: 1. NCL has accepted responsibility 2. That the compensation they are now offering is more generous and appropriate Why? NCL WAS responsible for this situation (unlike 2 other instances mentioned which were largely due to weather (Breakaway incident) or passenger error (tickets in luggage)) 100% compensation is appropriate for a bad situation that was wholly caused by and within NCL's control What influenced them to do the "right thing" (bad PR, potential lost business, a sudden attack of common sense after the realization that a REALLY bad customer-alienating business decision had been made and needed to be "fixed") who knows? But the result is good for the affected passengers. I know in their position I would be satisfied.
  18. I have to agree with Joebucks on this one (and I am an NCL fan). They seemed to have really blown it. An advance heads-up with a discounted fare would have saved them a lot of bad PR grief. VERY poor corporate judgement.
  19. Good to hear because thrifty was charging some awfully high rates for the convenience.
  20. Virtually all rental companies will pick you up at the port BUT do check with the specific rental company. I can vouch that Thrifty and Enterprise both do. Kona is the only slightly difficult port. There is a Thrifty car rental office right near the dock (at the hotel) BUT it has very high rates - so at that port I recommend Enterprise, they have an office nearby and will pick you up at the port. The other rental companies are at the airport (a fair distance from the port). At all the other ports mentioned there is NO problem selecting the car rental company of your choice. I also recommend the discounthawaiicarrentals website. It gives you all the available rental companies, their rates AND allows you to specify that you are a cruise passenger and charges NO deposit on rentals arranged on the website.
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