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  1. You won't be able to book onboard because Imagination doesn't have a future cruise desk.
  2. Huevos Rancheros and banana cream pie everytime. Switch up the sides on different sea days.
  3. We decided on booking our next cruise on the Imagination instead of the Miracle due to these 2.0 upgrades. We just gotta try those Guys burgers. It sucks because we really do like the Miracle but it left a sour taste in our mouth when they decided to leave out GB and BI. Thanks for the update.
  4. Seeing the ship for the first time as you drive up to port, walking onto the ship and into the atrium, and hearing the elevator voice say "Lido deck".
  5. What times are these movies usually played at? And can you swim while the movies playing or are the pools closed? Thanks.
  6. The 12:30 check in time at LB is ridiculous. Why not start earlier and then you can thin out the herd even more. This means the earliest you will be boarding the ship is 1pm. Crazy. I mean on our upcoming NCL Jewel cruise out of San Pedro we have 9:30 - 10am time slot to check in. Just don't understand the late time.
  7. Still getting an error message,"something went wrong.Please try to check out again". Been like this last 15 minutes. Anybody have any tricks to make this go through without the error? Thanks.
  8. WOW NCL seems to be cancelling alot of Mexico cruises lately. Why can't they just keep their published itineraries and stop pissing off alot of their guests. Now I'm wondering if my October cruise is next to be cancelled. And why in the heck are these cancelled cruises still on the website able to be booked. Geez I don't even think NCL can keep up with their changes and cancellations.
  9. We are platinum on Carnival and we just returned from our first cruise on NCL. Some small differences I noticed personally were - 1 The shows were great, make sure to get there early and definitely check them out. 2 I am a very late eater and missed the 24 hour pizza from Carnival. Also I couldn't find any late night desserts to crave my midnight sweet tooth. And no I wasn't about to pay $7.95 for room service. 3 Norwegian charges their daily service charge to your on board account on a daily basis, not as one charge like Carnival. This might make a difference if your using a cash deposit. 4 Good bartenders were a hit and miss. Find a good one and stick with him. 5 Lots of nickel and dimeing on board. Get used to it. I just ignored it. 6 Norwegian has a White party so bring some white clothes. Some of my favorite drinks I discovered onboard were The Painkiller, BBC, Mr Worldwide, Patron silver margarita, Miami Vice and Mango meltdown. Have a great cruise no matter what.
  10. It seems NCL is out on a mission to screw over their guests. $50 OBC is a slap in the face to the ones who have to change dates. Wish they would learn how to take care of their guests better to keep them happy especially when it's their fault. I have had cruises cancelled before on other cruise lines and they gave me my choice of cruise with all perks and pricing transferred over.
  11. Mr Worldwide, BBC, Miami Vice and the Painkiller were our favorites. I lost count of how many of each we ordered. They were so good.
  12. Hello to everybody. It's been a year exactly since we cruised on Carnival and I know there were a lot of changes that Carnival made this year. Could someone give me a rundown of all their changes. I am going on a 4 day on the Inspiration and I know one of the changes is they stopped serving lobster tail on the short cruises. Just trying to get up to speed before our cruise. Thanks in advance.
  13. How physically demanding was the las canadas? How about heights, would someone afraid of heights have troubles with the zips or bridges? I was looking at them for our excursion in Ensenada. Great review and thanks for sharing!
  14. I wish they would bring over another ship other than the Splendor. I hate the 3 tier pool deck. How about the Magic or Breeze? But who am I kidding. West coast always gets the short end of the stick. Look at the "upgrades" Miracle recently got.
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