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  1. Port of entry you must clear customs and Immigration, good news is there should be a re-check location right there so you don't have to lug your checked baggage. You'll be fine, don't worry as it doesn't help. Look at travel as an adventure and roll with it. ( I was an international flight attendant for over 30 years) Playing the "what If" game is futile. Have a nice trip and relax.
  2. Read my other posts before passing judgement. Medical did take x-rays my firstl post was just to ask a simple question. It was a 16 night TA from Copenhagen to Boston. First day the slip and fall happened so the next three ports were missed due to injury, Skagan, Stavanger and Lerwick. I finally could get off the ship with help in our first stop in Iceland and take a nice bus tour. Even with trekking poles couldn't get up to see the top of the falls, just the bottom part which was beautiful. The scenery was fabulous. Next stop went to a real hospital for real x-rays (by the way I was put in isolation because I'd had surgery in the last six months in the US-just on a finger, but since they don't have MERSA in Iceland were being cautious) x-rays showed nothing broken :-) I am not suing anyone, just had a question and now a suggestion about the slippery slipping slippers.
  3. I did a tour in Halifax, but after about a week on board pampering my knee, I ventured out. I am much better now and will see my Dr. as soon as I can to make sure i don't have any lingering damage. Thank you for your kind comments. Good on your Mom for using her poles! I was on a 16 night Copenhagen to Boston TA, just got home yesterday.
  4. I explained that I missed three ports due to the injury, Ice rest and elevation, after x-rays on board. 16 days out of Copenhagen, so I could see Iceland. I missed Skagan, Stavanger and Lerwick. But made it out for a nice bus tour in our first stop in Iceland, then went to real hospital in Reykjavik and the next day made another bus tour the day after and did the Golden Circle. I am satisfied with my small compensation and the beautiful scenery.
  5. These are the kind of answers I wanted. I wish I had had my own slippers, but going on a TA I didn't think I'd need them. I don't want to sue anyone, but I think the people in the spa should guide you to the elevators, like the other spa person said she always does. Everyone was very kind to me and I'm lucky I didn't break my face or nose to boot. So to those of you that gave me straight answers Thank you very much.
  6. I was treated by medical for free and they moved my kneecap back into place. I am not suing, I had trekking poles with me for balance on tours, didn't know that I would need them on deck. I'll see my own Dr. pay my own bills and remain Loyal to Royal. I am a 70 year old adult, not trying to "game" the system.
  7. CapeGal I hope to never run into you on any of my future cruises.
  8. I slipped on the second day of the cruise missing three ports in the next days. My kneee was the size of a pumpkin and with the rest and ice and elevation. I was able to go on a couple tours, but was very painful. I went on the 16day TA to see Iceland and even hurting, I loved it. People were very kind and patient with me. Yes, it aggravated my injury, however, due to my age I don't think I'll be going back. I wasn't ON treks I had two trek poles so I wouldn't hurt myself again.And a load of Advil onboard. My point now is that the first gal should have directed me to the elevators that are behind a wooden door. I am not stupid, but was pretty darn jetted lagged too coming in from Seattle the night before the cruise. I've only cruised on RCI about 30+ times so this is my first accident. I only asked for information, not judgement. I sincerely hope that you don't fall and hurt yourself and have people accuse you of being greedy and stupid for asking a simle question. I'm not suing anyone or looking for a free cruise. So bite me you uncaring person.
  9. I am on 16 night Serenade of the Seas just going down to Halifax. I didn't want to cross that deck it was cold outside, I would gladly have taken the elevator, but I didn't know where it was. I am a reasonable person and I only asked if I had any recourse, just saying no would have been nice, instead I get a bunch off smarty pants comments. I am satisfied now with my question being answered, but still disappointed and hurt with all the unnecessary judgemental comments. Never again, people seemed more kind on this board a while ago. My knee still hurts, but I managed a couple tours with my trekking poles. So I'm going to unsubscribe to notifications-guess I gave some people a laugh at least.
  10. The slippers were given to me after my pedicure, they had NO traction and I was very careful walking by the pool deck avoiding wet spots, when I fell face first. When I went back for my manicure 4 days later the gal there said she won't let her clients go out on deck in those slippers and directs them to an elevator.. I am pretty disappointed in some of the responses implying I am money hungry trying to get something over on them. Not the case at all. To the snarky person who said it was the slippers fault, they are correct absolutely no tread on those things. Anyway,I wrote to guest services and suggested they tell the people in the salon to not give those slippers out or to escort them to the elevator to make their journey back to their room. After I turned in my suggestion they gave me a small credit for my next cruise. So thank you for the sincere responses.
  11. I took a fall and hurt my knee badly. Does anyone know if once I am off the ship I have any recourse? I have insurance etc., but since they gave me the slippers that caused my painful fall, I think I should get an OBC or at least a future cruise credit. I spent 3 days in my cabin icing and not putting weight on it. They did however send me a bottle of wine. Don't know if this kind of question is allowed here, but any help/thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Zu~
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