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  1. East Bay Skiers

    Name that Royal ship

    Same here, I’ve been on may of the ships pictured (some more than once) and yet I don’t recognize them, also don’t know how to post pictures but I’m really enjoying this thread.
  2. East Bay Skiers

    Name that Royal ship

    Bill, thanks for starting this great thread! Love it!
  3. East Bay Skiers

    Meeting of the sisters - Oasis class ships?

    Yes, I’m sure I would know, but I would have to live with the disappointment since I would not want to change it. I live about 40 minutes from Port Canaveral and DH is picking me up at the port (Had to get approval from Royal Caribbean for early disembarkation).
  4. East Bay Skiers

    Meeting of the sisters - Oasis class ships?

    We had the same view from our balcony. We loved it! I’ll be sad if they have another reunion and I miss it because I am not going all the way to Miami on the Symphony TA. I am disembarking in Port Canaveral.
  5. East Bay Skiers

    Movies filmed on Harmony of the Seas

    Thanks so much for the heads up! Just set the DVR. :halo:
  6. East Bay Skiers

    Choice Air for Transatlantic Cruise

    Adventurous? Ha, ha! Not at all! (Maybe when I was much younger many, many years ago). I was born in Spain and go back almost every year to visit family and friends. My sister and brother in law have done similar cruises and will help us figure out the best way to get to Copenhagen. I read your review and that flight to Singapore was more than a disaster. So glad you were able to make the cruise and enjoyed reading your review.
  7. East Bay Skiers

    Choice Air for Transatlantic Cruise

    Thank you so much! That will help us decide. We don’t need round trip (I hope!) We want to book the Oasis TA to Barcelona and spend about 10 days in Spain before flying from Spain to Copenhagen
  8. East Bay Skiers

    Choice Air for Transatlantic Cruise

    Hi John! Would you mind sharing what you think is the best way to return to Orlando from Copenhagen? We have a B2B Baltic and Fiords next year and are trying to figure out how to get back home to Melbourne. Thanks so much in advance! :):):)
  9. East Bay Skiers

    Oasis Class Outside Balcony Prices

    I didn’t see the discount anywhere before I booked. I called to book (don’t trust the “improved” site) and was very happily surprised when the RCCL rep. told me of the resident discount. Is is possible it disappeared so fast?
  10. East Bay Skiers

    Oasis Class Outside Balcony Prices

    Just looked at the invoice to be sure. The FL resident discount was $163.09 total for both of us (guest # 1 = $108, guest # 2 = $55)
  11. East Bay Skiers

    Oasis Class Outside Balcony Prices

    Yesterday I booked Oasis for Aug 26, 2018, and got a Florida resident discount (in addition to the current sale and balcony discount) I was a happy camper!
  12. Congratulartions, Bob. Wonderful news! You always have the right answers and we all appreciate that.
  13. East Bay Skiers

    Problems with Status showing on Set Sail pass

    I have the same problem. Some times the status shows up, other times, like the set sail I printed just a couple of days ago, it does not show up. I'll wait a few days and try again. If it doesn't show up I guess it doesn't matter. I found our D+ cards and have them with me. Happy Cruising every body!
  14. East Bay Skiers

    How do Senior Cruisers Handle Dynamic

    Hi Karen,:) Thank you for the chuckle! I have trouble picturing you as as a senior! I am a real senior, meaning much older than you, but don't feel like one unless I look in the mirror! :eek: I'll be very interested to hear your comments when your return from your Quantum cruise. I had no desire to book this kind of ship but I'm slowly warming up to the idea. I'll probably wait until one sails from Florida. We will have DD on the Allure TA next year, probably will book on line myself.:)