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  1. Here the picture of the email receipt of my vaccine second shot just looking at it, it doesnt even have the province name on it it does say I have had 2 valid doses
  2. How do you know the government is not doing anything ? are you at the table to hear what the USA amd Canadian government are talking about ?
  3. The border is open if you fly there, just can drive there for a nonessential reason
  4. The interim order allows for expedited review of medical devices indicated to diagnose, treat, mitigate or prevent COVID-19, at no cost. but does not say the meds are only good for temporary use i guess we would need a government official to interpret the act😁
  5. They are fully approved in Canada they were approved under Expedited Review of Health Product Submissions and Applications to address COVID-19 https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/drug-products/announcements/notice-expediated-review-health-products-covid-19.html
  6. 1.5 million of AZ came from USA plants that were going to expire as a loan , that needs to be repaid I wonder if the USA want it to be repaid 🤔😉
  7. From Ontario government A Safe and Effective Second Dose To ensure maximum protection against COVID-19 and the Delta variant, Ontarians should get vaccinated as soon as they can and book their second dose as soon as they are eligible. The best vaccine for your second dose is the vaccine that is available frst. All vaccines provided in Ontario provide strong protection against COVID-19 and its variants. Mixing vaccines is safe, efective, and enables more Ontarians to receive their second dose sooner. Full vaccination is the greatest protection you can have against COVID-19 and its variants, including the Delta variant. If you had Moderna or Pfzer for your frst dose you can safely take either Moderna or Pfzer for your second dose for strong protection. Both Moderna and Pfzer vaccines are authorized for use in Canada and use a similar mRNA technology, so the vaccines are safe to mix. • This is consistent with recommendations recently provided by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization and with practices within several provinces. • Both provide strong protection against COVID-19 and its variants. • Dose interval is 28 days. If you had AstraZeneca for your frst dose you can safely take either Moderna, Pfzer or AstraZeneca for your second dose for strong protection. • Getting a Moderna or Pfzer vaccine after the frst dose of an AstraZeneca vaccine has been shown to provide a strong immune response, including against COVID-19 variants of concern. • Dose interval is 8-12 weeks, with informed consent. If your second COVID-19 vaccine is diferent than your frst dose, you do not need to start your series over again. You will be considered fully immunized two weeks after receiving two doses of Health Canada approved COVID-19 Vaccine
  8. Both Celebrity and Silverseas indicates that as long the vaccines are same type , you can sail vaccinated, no mention of dates only RCL writes about the 42 days between vaccines 🤔
  9. This just a waste of money at this time to give out a 3rd dose to just get on ship, talk about first world problems 🙄
  10. The better result would if all countries would recognize mixing of vaccine , to many people need to vaccine before the people get their third dose because another variant could be developed that these vaccines cannot stop
  11. People from Canada have never been stop flying to the USA , now you just need a negative Covid test and you are good to go
  12. it is strange I can cruise Celebrity but not RCL , as we are more 42 days between doses celebrity policy Following CDC guidelines, Celebrity will consider a guest fully vaccinated with proof of vaccination that can include mixed doses of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines. Guests sailing on Celebrity Silhouette from Southampton, Celebrity Apex sailing from Athens, or Celebrity Flora, Xploration and Xpedition in the Galapagos, can have mixed doses that include AstraZeneca as long as the AstraZeneca dose is administered first, and then either the Pfizer or Moderna dose within 8-12 weeks. No other mixed vaccine doses will be accepted. RCL says it ok to mix but needs to be under 42 days which was not possible in Ontario in June
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