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  1. Maybe that the big news , they going to someplace interesting
  2. Finally getting some interesting ports ? there was a picture of Petra in the video , maybe another Suez Canal cruise
  3. Here the website https://grassroots.vaccine-ontario.ca, they have a link to video demo
  4. BC , we were told, means Bring Cash 🤣
  5. I think they should Sept to Dec first, as they usually get screwed over 🤣
  6. That was easy to add with the grassroots website😁
  7. I put it into the health app , what a pain, I will keep a screen shot in photos
  8. This is were all provinces and Federal government drop the ball, they should have working to together everyone knew that we would need a code to travel back in January
  9. Hopefully by Christmas they will drop that
  10. You wrote “10% of our population received a mix of AZ and another WHO approved vaccine” 10% of the population did not get a shot of AZ
  11. Where do you get the number of 10% received a mix does AZ ? please get check your facts before posting only about 1 million people have mixing of AZ and another vaccine i bet more people have combination of Pfizer / Mordena the AZ and another vaccine
  12. Our next cruise is the Apex TA April 30 , I don’t think we will have much to worry about at that time we will probably have 3 doses of the vaccine just not sure if we grow a tail by than 😁
  13. It is like anything else , you have to pick what you consider to be best value for your dollar
  14. Are you upset that you don’t eat all the food on the buffet, or see all the entertainment ?🤔😁
  15. Our daughter just book her family to a RIU resort in Playa Blanca in Panama, it has been almost 22 years since we were there last , were does the time go 😱
  16. I thought they may play songs from this list , from 60 years ago 😂 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billboard_Year-End_Hot_100_singles_of_1961
  17. It really costs down to if think the price you paid is good value for your money advertising makes very little difference if you book or not I think the OP was bored and just want to post something silly , because this topic has been beat to death
  18. They will have to pay for , I cannot see a drug plan approving any drug that quickly
  19. Honda is more reliable than a Mercedes, Mercedes is all about the badge, it is not a better product
  20. Thanks , the story I post was updated Sept 29 at 2 pm , amazing how you think you can be updated but still be behind the times 😉
  21. That is not what this story indicates https://globalnews.ca/news/8228148/no-third-covid-19-shot-bc-residents-mixed-doses-top-doctor/
  22. That is ok , nice to hear what other provinces are doing they should started the vaccine passport August 1 , maybe Canada would have been in better sharp today
  23. Dam , Our next cruise is the Apex TA leaving April 30 2022
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