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  1. The GS has not been available for weeks. In the morning today a CL was available and that was the only suite available for the last 3 weeks or so. I checked to see what suites/cabins were available after I received my royal up email and RCL site shows the cruise is completely sold out now.
  2. Emerald member on Harmony 8/4. Just received email my bid for GS was accepted. We were in JS guarantee and bid $450 pp for GS. The min bid was $400pp. Also bid $840 pp for OS and ATS min bid was $800.
  3. Congrats! When you were sent the Royal Up Bid or logged on to look at bid prices what room did it show you were currently in? Mine said JS even though we have a GTY Suite with no assignment on cruise docs.
  4. Those were my exact offers for Harmony 8/4. I am currently in a Suite GTY. Are you in a JS?
  5. Hello. New to the Royal Up... Do the minimum bids get lower closer to the sailing date? Sailing on Harmony in 40 days in a JS. The min bid pp for GS is $400, Owner's $800, Aqua 1 Bed $1100, $800 for Crown Loft. Do these seem high? Any info provided will be greatly appreciated.
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