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  1. Maybe next year if CDC lifts restrictions they have put on cruise lines.
  2. Liberty of the seas, November 2019, Western Caribbean
  3. Our December cruise is paid, including airfare. Waiting to hear from travel agent on canceling for refund
  4. Keep Alaska on your list. August was when we first went. cruising is addictive.
  5. We celebrated our 25th anniversary on Anthem. Wishing you an awesome experience.
  6. Don't miss stepping off full elevator to let people behind me get off & someone waiting jumps on before I can get back on
  7. We were fine with inside until we experienced our 1st balcony. On our last cruise on Liberty of the seas we had a panoramic ocean view. Didn’t miss the balcony.
  8. Miss meeting people,eating food that I didn't have to cook. Looking forward to when we can cruise again..Thankful
  9. We moved our paid in full canceled March cruise / air fare to December. Will be disappointed, but not surprised if this one gets canceled to. Will request full refund, so we can take our time and not be under pressure to use FCC by a set date. If social distance is still in effect, don't see how a cruise will be enjoyable. Stay safe.
  10. Enjoyed reading your review. Silhouette would have been our 3rd Celebrity cruise in March, but the virus changed that.Glad you got to have a great time. The pictures are great. Stay safe
  11. Thanks to all for the good humor Continue to enjoy the cruise Keep the laughter coming Stay safe
  12. Balcony unless it’s a panoramic ocean view on deck 12 Happy cruising. Get what makes you happy 😊
  13. If one enjoys cruising it gives you something to look forward to. I didn't unpack from canceled cruise. Rebooked for end of year. Stay safe
  14. We did Reflection in March last year. Will look for your review. The pictures you posted are beautiful.
  15. We were to. Hope everyone on current cruise are well, and get home safe.
  16. We rebooked our March cruise for December. If by chance something happens with that one, will take refund so as not to stress using the FCC before it expires.
  17. Sure not. Looking forward to cruise in December after March canellation
  18. We’re over 70 also, we just changed our March 15 cruise to December. Hopefully things will be better., and no age restriction. we will have taken a flu shot, and have November doctors appointment. Praying everything will be good to go.
  19. Totally agree. Our TA was awesome today. Changed our March 15 cruise to December.. Hope the over 70 age requirement will be removed
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