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  1. Gala nights were both sea days. Enjoy this beautiful ship!
  2. Mid port garage is very close, easy walking even with luggage.
  3. I think she was condensending. No further comments from me on this topic.
  4. What is a reasonable tip when dropping off your luggage? Thanks
  5. Just dropping off luggage before parking. When you look at the map it looks like there is nowhere to stop. Thanks
  6. Just talking about dropping off luggage before parking
  7. Just wondering what luggage drop off at terminal 21, Lauderdale. Map looks like it might be difficult. Thanks
  8. Sorry to hear smoking is still allowed in the casino. Have loved HAL but won’t book again until they revise their smoking policies.
  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this blog. I am getting conflicting info about smoking in the casino. Hopefully it is not allowed, can you help with this information? Thanks😎
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