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  1. Safety protocols that the anti vax folks would never tolerate.
  2. Yes AZ is effective against Delta variant. Problem in U.K. is lots of under 30s still no vaccinated. They are largely the age groups getting it. Don’t forget vaccinated people also still can get COVID. They just don’t die from it. They can still spread it.
  3. Kids have to be vaccinated to go to schools. It’s hardly outrageous that to go into a high risk indoor environment during a pandemic that vaccinations are key. It’s funny to see folks say “but in Europe these cruises have been unvaccinated”…. I was on a MSC Cruise out of Southampton and they require masks everywhere something all the anti vax folks also say is a restriction of “freedom”. Sad to see health is now political.
  4. Looking forward to reading - We just got home from our 4 days! I think we left the ship in OK condition but our bar bill (if they hadn't been complimentary via Premium Plus) was outrageous 🙂
  5. Nice find! A good £30 a glass Champagne in that bar too. I hadn't noticed these. I know where I am going on boarding on Tue. I think you board right next to that bar.
  6. Wow. I feel they should hire me to a) Fix their tech side and b) Help with basic clarity of textual information on the web site. 🙂 Can they just pay me in free cruises? I'm open to all offers.
  7. But there isn't an OR in their text?
  8. Yup exactly - its clear how they plan to pay back some of that debt! I don't think drink prices in my local pub have gone up quite as much though (£5 to £5.50 maybe?) and they've also been closed for a long time.
  9. Yes it does - However normally that is quite an expensive add on for a long cruise if you only want the odd drink. MSC drink prices were never this high before from looking at 2019 menus.
  10. Drink prices do seem to be somewhat extreme in many cases. £9 for a beer makes London pub prices look cheap (my local in East London is £5.60 a pint). Now I'd expect a bit of a premium for a drink on the cruise but near double what is already expensive prices in London?
  11. Also laughable to think he had anything to do with Oxford/AstraZeneca program. You know the only one that is non-profit, costs ten times less, and is 100% effective at preventing hospitalization and death with all variants so far.
  12. Please note that as the owner of your health records you are free to share them with whoever you want. HIPAA does not prevent someone asking for vaccine status. You can refuse to supply it. And there are consequences of refusing to supply that status if you want to cruise on some cruise lines. None of that violates HIPAA.
  13. Just to comment on this. Its 100% effective at preventing hospitalization and death. Which is what matters.
  14. Excellent as I'm bringing my Mifi hotspot with me as well just in case....
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