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  1. Will they sail at reduced capacities to accommodate these new rules?
  2. I doubt they flew commercial....they have their private jets, their limos. Why not fly to Florida for the vaccine, have a nice catered lunch and be home in time for an exclusive dinner?
  3. So those that have had the virus don't need the vaccine. That means 24 million don't need it.
  4. Just a few questions as I don't know.....not sure if anyone knows the answers, but I will ask anyway. I've read that the vaccine is an mRNA. This means that it genetically modifies your cells to generate an antibody to protect you from the virus. With that in mind, if someone gets COVID, do they automatically get antibodies? Do those antibodies help protect them from getting COVID again....the same as with the vaccine? If antibodies keep you from getting it another time, do you still need the vaccine? I've read that you can get COVID twice. Does that mean that yo
  5. GOOD! It is terrible that some feel that they are more important than everyone else and THEY should jump to the front of the line.....just two examples: Richard Parsons, former chairman and CEO of Time Warner and former chairman of Citigroup, said he left his home in New York to travel to Florida specifically because the Sunshine State made it so easy. Those connected with New York developers Bill and David Mack were able to go to the health clinic at MorseLife to get their shots. News reports said the Macks told friends in New York to fly down to Palm Beach County and
  6. I would agree. I work in a major supermarket and many people do not wear the masks properly. When I ask them to pull the mask over their nose, they say "if I do that then I can't breath". They wear the mask, but it does nothing to prevent the spread. I will say that the biggest offenders fall into one of two groups: the construction workers who come in to buy lunch (and I seriously doubt they have a "medical condition") or snowbirds who came here and somehow feel that they don't HAVE to wear one any more. Our "locals" are very compliant (and there are some snowbirds who good...so not saying th
  7. As the old adage goes: Being of sound mind, I spent all my money while I was alive!
  8. Social distancing on a cruise will be difficult or near impossible. To make money, the ship must sail full or prices will need to double (or more). While vaccines may help, you are still encouraged to wear a mask after being vaccinated. Wearing a mask while on vacation isn't appealing to me, so I will spend my money somewhere else....cruising has lost its "shine" for me.
  9. I am relatively new to RCL, so apologize in advance for my stuuuupidity! We are booked on Odyssey And we're excited about a new Quantum class ship. I know that there are still a number of unknowns, but if anyone wishes to speculate, I'm all ears! it appears that there are only 4/5 specialty restaurants...Chops, Izumi, Wonderland and Giovanis (I will get to Teppanyaki in a bit). Does anyone think they will add any more....like Jamie's, Hooked, Johnny Rockets or a hot dog place? It looks like Izumi and Teppanyaki are separate restaurants as they are on differe
  10. Are the premium coffees at Cafe270 covered under the drink package or are they available to everyone? Should we politely ask at Starbucks about coffee and see what they say? I guess it doesn't hurt to ask, right?
  11. We usually sail Celebrity, so go to Cafe al Bacio for our coffee with the beverage package.. Is there something (other than Starbucks) on Odyssey where we can get premium coffee?
  12. I disagree. We currently do not know if there is any latency to the virus, so even if everyone had hunkered down for 2-months, the virus could still be around. Sadly, this virus is like many others, it is here to stay. Vaccines are a good start, but many only have a 40-50% efficacy rate. Herd immunity will help, the more people build up an immunity, the less the virus will speared and the less the symptoms will be. Will (does) this virus mutate like other viruses (influenza or the common cold)? Possibly.....in which case a vaccine will be needed every year. There are many question and answers
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