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  1. Have a great cruise love the Gem (16 Haven trips on her ) and The DOS is a great room😊
  2. Smoking is not allowed. The only place is your own sun deck in the Garden Villa. DOS nope.
  3. But there the on,6 place the cigarettes are American made not European or Central America
  4. St Thomas at A.H Riis They have American made and the best prices.. all the other islands are European blend and very strong. San Juan the duty free shop at the pier if you dock in Old San Juan.
  5. Roel and Roy are two different people I have sailed many times with both. Roy has on,y been a Concierge for about 2 months. I have never known either one to be less than stellar in accommodating requests. I have seen first hand the demands some people make and I believe some have expectations that are just ridiculous. The Concierge does his or her job but they are not private servants. I am sure given your expectations you’ll have a great cruise. By November who knows who will be onboard. Not even NCL knows yet.
  6. I don’t know what you’re read about the Concierge on the Dawn, if it is Roy you are reading about ( not Roel 2 different people ) I cannot imagine what anyone could have to say that is negative . We have on,y been in the Haven all 18 NCL cruises many of those with Roy as our Butler. I would be thrilled to have him as a Concierge. I think that the expectations of a Concierge need to be established. What is up to standard?
  7. Sorry NJLVW I don’t know. I know about Roy because I spoke with him a few days ago. Feel free to tell him Andrea and Harold said hi.
  8. Right now the Concierge is Roy ( former Incredible amazing Butler) I do not know how long he will be there. But as of today when we spoke he is still Concierge 😊
  9. We were there last week. Very pleasant day. Food was good, service great. Get there early if you want shade.
  10. Bowen is there until May and we were lucky enough to have Roberto as our Butler.
  11. We were there this past Sunday and nothing has changed. The Villa was amazing so glad we did it . Worth every dollar
  12. We are on the BA now ( Jan 6th Cruise) and will be there on Sunday. We took a Villa so I will do a report if anything has changed there.
  13. We are on the BA on January 6th how is there a 12/30 sailing that is much shorter.
  14. Saw this a few months ago and sent my sympathy to Adrian and had a bit of a pudding match with this guy on FB . Can’t believe I wasted my time on this garbage. Video
  15. Thanks for all the replies..as stated in my original post. I have the ATT Day pass we use it all the time. However, the new ATT text and talk Cruise plan was the confusion many phone calls to ATT some Reps said I was covered in places like Jamaica, Costa Maya, Cozumel, Belize. Some said no. Just frustrating to get different answers. We have lots of NCL internet between our "perk" when we booked and the additional minutes for Platinum Plus. I am not too sure I am not more confused now lol but I will stick to my day pass with ATT, Appreciate all the input.
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