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  1. This makes no sense to me. Unless they're planning to somehow retrofit a cruise ship as a medical ship. There's no equipment and the layout is not designed for giving any kind of medical care. I could see if they just want to quarantine people without symptoms maybe, but full on sick people need a proper medical facility with adequate staff. Might as well just stay home!
  2. I got the email today. Feel bad they got so much bad press when it was really just bad luck it happened to them. I will absolutely sail with them again.
  3. I know it is common for people to fly into FLL and cruise Miami and vice versa. I have never done it but it is not a long drive between the two. We have often said that if necessary (can't find early flight home) we would fly out of MIA to sail from Fort Lauderdale. I think it's about an hour drive but forgive me if I'm wrong.
  4. I will still sail out of there despite the airport because Princess sails from there. I just make sure I have a nice early flight to go home and that makes it ok. Whereas MIA is a very nice airport and you can spend the whole day there very comfortably with plenty of shopping, eating, and seating.
  5. For an airport that handles that much tourist traffic, it is indeed barbaric. Just the baggage claim alone is a total joke and appears to not have been updated since the 80's. The low ceilings, ancient baggage carousels, the stupid music they play when the bags come out, the decrepit carpeting throughout the airport that makes rolling your luggage a cardio workout. The lack of restaurants and shops, outdated/overcrowded/dirty restroom facilities. The hordes of people waiting outside to be let into the terminal. One time we waited 90 minutes for a disgusting greasy cheeseburger because it w
  6. Is it really? I haven't been there in so long I can't remember it very well.
  7. I was just there in December and it was as depressing as I remembered it. I always make a point to never have a later flight out of there because spending any amount of time there is incredibly dismal. I find it crazy that Broward County seems to invest nothing in that airport when it's such a massive tourist/cruise hub. I can say nothing nice about that airport and I'm a glass half full person, especially when on vacay.
  8. Anything is better than Ft Lauderdale if you're flying because it is the most disgusting airport I've ever been too. Literally, no exaggeration. Very barbaric facilities there.
  9. On our Christmas cruise Spectra's was on late at 10:30pm and there was an afternoon showing of We Will Rock You so if you can get those two (if they still do those times) your dinner will not be interrupted. If I recall correctly the afternoon WWRY was not listed in the cruise planner but I saw it in the compass. Because I had booked a 6:30pm showing of it ahead of the cruise. Good luck!
  10. I have been shopping for May cruises in the last week. Today I see prices have dropped by quite a bit. The May Oasis cruise I priced yesterday for around $3300 today is $2300. Symphony May cruises out of Miami are really affordable, like crazy low prices. Less than $2k for 7 days in a balcony. I wonder if this is corona fear related or just normal price fluctuations. I am hesitant to book anything at this time. I live in a neighborhood where a whole bunch of people are positive. It just feels weird to live in the town that's on the news at night. I am sure if we book a cruise everyone in
  11. I wonder why they chose to have so much empty deck space. Unless they just don't have all the usual loungers out yet since they're not sailing at capacity. I just seems to me a sun deck really needs some good water features that can serve the whole population. At least a decent size pool, lots of the large size hot tubs and maybe even a waterfall/grotto type of thing like NCL has on the Breakaway class adults only area (Spice H2O) would seem appropriate for this adults only ship. Very strange. Who wants to sit in the sun all day and have nowhere to refresh yourself? I mean, you can't do
  12. For anyone who wants to use a pool, that pool is ridiculously tiny. See the pic with just two people in it, and it's barely any room left for anyone else. I use a cruise pool sometimes but they're usually way too cold. If they're on the warmer side, I will swim and dip a lot. More important is hot tubs. On every single cruise I've been on the hot tubs are the most widely used item and it's what I enjoy the most. They are usually full on sea days. So I am wondering how many hot tubs they've got on this ship. Because I think a lot of adults really like soaking and drinking while on a crui
  13. Hmm that's a funny outlook about not enough music. We found music every night in multiple places. The Crown Grill lounge often had live music, Take 5 always had live music and there was music and dancing every night in the Piazza. How much more music could there be before you'd lose your mind? Our last Royal Caribbean cruise there was very loud music in most of the bars in the early evening. So loud you cannot really converse and seating was impossible to come by. So we went a little nuts and had to hole up at the wine bar (no music) to have a relaxing pre-dinner drink. This was not prefe
  14. If it makes you feel any better there were a lot of people with intense, hacking coughs on my cruise last week. Nobody gave them a second look. They were coughing all over the place. I did wince every time the lady behind us at dinner started hacking again. She sounded like she had COPD or something like that.
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