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  1. That's great news! I loved that feature on my last Princess cruise. I used to watch the old episodes on tv but I haven't seen them in a long while.
  2. The Starbucks analogy does not work. You did not pay thousands of dollars to enter a Starbucks. It is free to sit in Starbucks. You paid thousands of dollars to enjoy your cruise. I do not understand why some people want to deny the logic that people with food need a place to sit and eat it. One cannot eat standing up very easily. People just hanging out or playing games don't NEED to be in a food venue. They can be anywhere. So why not let the seats for those who want to eat, if it is at a crowded time? Of course people will linger a few minutes when they're done, that is normal. Use the etiquette you would in a dining room. When you're done, don't hang around forever while no longer consuming food and beverages if people are waiting for tables. This is just common sense. If everyone on a cruise of thousands decides not to have any consideration for their fellow passengers, then it would be a pretty unpleasant cruise. It's the people who have the courtesy that make life livable. I for one always try to be that way in life, wherever I am and especially on a crowded place like a cruise where we are all squeezed in and need to try and get along and share limited resources.
  3. I guess to clarify, if no demand then do as you please. If high demand for eaters and drinkers to sit down, probably find another place to play games if you are not also eating and drinking, and if you’re doing both then that’s cool.
  4. I think the tables immediately adjacent to the IC should be for people eating and drinking. It is a cafe, where food and beverages are served, as opposed to seating and tables in non-food venue. Would you walk into Vines, not order any wine and set up your checkers game? No. How is this any different? If the IC was more enclosed with the tables all on the inside, more like Vines, then maybe people wouldn't do it. I would not linger in those tables if not consuming food or drinks and I knew there was demand for table. If nobody is around then fine. But there is nothing more annoying than getting food and having nowhere to sit down and eat it.
  5. I've done the oxydermy microdermabrasion facial a couple times and it was very good. Also the ionithermie treatment is pretty unique and cool. They may give you a hard sales pitch at the end of your service to purchase costly beauty products. Be prepared, it can get intense!
  6. There are plenty of entertainment venues on the ship. Lots to do at night. This is one of the things I like about NCL. You don't have to rely on the main theater. It would have been a whole year since you saw it, it could feel not so tired/boring. Anyway I hope you find lots to do and have a great cruise.
  7. Yes I did notice that. I figured they got complaints it was missing from Sky so they put it back. Who knows.
  8. Thanks for the updated story! What kind of looney books a cruise for someone without their knowledge? It's unnerving that it can even happen. Glad you got the explanation and had it resolved.
  9. I don't care whatsoever about post counts. What, is that a status symbol or something? It's not to me. Gimme a break. I do find the story bizarre and I will not change that statement. If you read a post you don't like, you can always walk away without negatively commenting on it. How about that for an idea.
  10. No we have no OBC unfortunately!
  11. I was hesitating to book now because you have to pre-pay and I wasn't sure how easy/fast it is to get a refund if we change our minds. That's how long since my last Princess cruise, back when you could book now and pay later. Otherwise I would have booked already since I'm a real planner type. I guess I won't wait too long.
  12. Aren't snails cheaper than shrimp? Weird. I would eat either one happily.
  13. You took the words out of my mouth!
  14. I have never had a cruise booked so far out before. So I am not sure when is the best time to book my excursions with Princess. I have a Christmas cruise, western Caribbean on the Sky. Should I assume more excursions will be added to the list over time, or they're all listed already? Like I said, we usually book much closer to sailing and then book excursions in a short amount of time afterwards. I don't wanna book too soon if there might be more added, as I'm not terribly crazed about any of the current offerings.
  15. I never found cruise ship food portions to be too big and I'm a light eater. I would not worry about this issue I'm a person who often makes special requests in restaurants to accommodate my diet and they're always very nice about it. However when cruising I don't plan to do that because I think it just generates more work for the kitchen and/or dining room staff. I'll just push aside the offending item rather than demand they leave it off the plate since it's not an allergy or anything.
  16. I agree even if Grandpa was found guilty of criminal negligence, jail is pointless. His remaining years will be incredibly difficult and he will live in his own personal hell. I'm sure he won't be handling any more small children and poses no threat to society any longer.
  17. I think seeking media attention after a tragedy like this is grotesque. It is bad enough Grandpa killed the child through his negligence but now they are fame seekers and looking to sue? Go mourn your child and try to salvage the last bit of self respect you have. It is not the fault of the cruise line. Babies would be crashing to the ground all the time. People kill kids sometimes. They back over them, drop them, lave them in hot cars etc. It is horrible but trying to blame someone else for what is clearly your fault does not make it better, it makes it worse. And now they are known to the world and will be judged whereas if they could have just quietly mourned this loss out of the limelight, they could get their lives back sooner. Now they're "that family" who dropped the baby.
  18. I don't mind the names displayed. Even if you're a single woman traveling alone, what is the risk with this? I mean, it's not like someone can hide in the shadows outside your cabin door and not be noticed. There is virtually no way for a person to sneak up on you and attack you in the corridor outside your cabin. There are cameras everyone. You can see someone coming a mile away. Everyone one of your neighbors would hear you yell and open their doors to see what's up. Besides the fact that everyone on the ship is busy enjoying their costly vacation and isn't interested in stalking you. Your name is not a top secret piece of info either. It's not like they have your DOB and SS# up there.
  19. Mexico (and other places) has suffered greatly this year with the sargassum. Resorts in the Riviera Maya all the way to Tulum have had unusable beaches for many months. A lot of people don't know this when they book their trips. It's a major problem and the government of Mexico has spent a lot of money trying to solve to the problem to no avail. A friend of mine has a sister who booked Playa del Carmen a few months ago and they had to stay off the beach. It not only looks awful it gives off toxic fumes once on the beach that makes people sick. It's also killing a lot of marine life, they get stuck in it.
  20. Well a few hours later and I did end up enrolling in the free one. Didn't see much that would interest me and if you don't do the pay one, the rewards are pretty low. I doubt I'll ever use it. I just feel like I can find better prices on that merch elsewhere so why bother.
  21. I am on the fence about signing up for it. I wish they would let you see what's available before taking all your info. It's most likely useless for me.
  22. It used to feel like on a cruise, the specialty dining was a little bit more $$ for a much better dining experience vs the MDR. With these crazy prices NCL is charging now it is so expensive to do all the specialty dining. They are destroying the appeal of it. I haven't sailed them in a few years and always thought I'd go back to them but after keeping up with these boards over time and seeing ALL the things they've changed and not for the better, I am not so sure. It feels like you go on a cruise and spend an extra million dollars over your cruise fare. I know, I know, I'm stating the obvious and sound like a cranky old goat. But NCL does leave me with a distinct feeling of not being valued as a customer with all their increases. They just want to take take take.
  23. It is weird to me how they can change the MDR menus all the time but they keep the specialty dining the same for such long stretches of time. I wonder what is the reason for this? Why not change it every couple years to keep it fresh. I mean, ideally they could rotate the menu a few times per cruise but it seems that would be asking a lot of Princess. Repeat cruisers get bored when it's always the same. It is easy to have eaten everything that is desirable on the menu and then there are no new choices.
  24. I feel like they've had the same menu for like 10 years! Time for an update.
  25. I don't get many. Just the one about the Escape room recently and then today a survey where they wanted to ask me all the things I know about how Medallion Net works.
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