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    newbie question

    I'm new to HAL as well so I thought I'd give this a shot! Here's what I got, starting at the home page: Chose Sail to: Mexico; Departure date: March One listing is shown for March 17 departure. Chose "More Dates & Fares" to see all 3 March departures and room types. Chose March 24 Ocean View price and hit "View Itinerary" It defaulted to "Fully Obstructed Ocean View", which I switched to "Ocean View" Book Now! Now we're getting into the selections. Defaults to 2 adults. Fine. Continue. Bingo! Here we go with the "YOUR STATEROOM IS GUARANTEED. YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR STATEROOM DETAILS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE." Next to that message, there is a link to "Change Stateroom." Clicking that, I now get the options of "Let us Select Your Room" or "You Select Your Stateroom." With the second choice, I can edit each option to get the exact area/deck/room I want. Seems like the "You Select Your Stateroom" option should've come earlier, but you can still get there on the website. My upcoming booking (first time on HAL) was done by my friend over the phone so I can't speak to how anything used to work... but at least you can fumble your way through all the options you need online.
  2. Thanks everyone! We can work with the split. I'll just prep her ahead of time that she'll get to make a couple purchases for her little sister. ;)
  3. Our girls' room has a $50 OBC from a promo rate. We're covering the expenses for our 16-yr-old and she's connected to our account. Our 22-yr-old is on her own as far as spending money (we paid for her cruise!) and has her own account. What happens to the $50 OBC for the room? Do I get any say in how it's allocated...? I'd like to have it assigned to the 16-yr-old if possible.
  4. We'll be on the Sunshine in a month and my mom wants to send us to the steakhouse for our anniversary. She'll be on the ship with us, but not at dinner. When I asked the best way to handle this when making the reservation Carnival said we could settle the payment any way we wanted at the end of the meal. I clarified she actually would be at the dinner - but they never responded again. What's the easiest way to cover this? Does she really have to show up at the steakhouse with us (or after the meal)? Can she set something up ahead of time? I'm guessing she can just put cash on our account to cover the charges if needed, but she wanted it to feel more 'gift-y', something that we didn't have to worry about. It all works out the same for me - free steak! ;p
  5. me-shel

    Flight out of Fort Lauderdale

    We had a flight after noon from FLL (12:30? 12:45?). There were issues with customs and it took forever to get off the ship. No fault of Carnival, the line through customs was crawling - we barely made our flight running through the airport like lunatics. They closed the doors behind us. Before: I would have been fine with the relatively low risk of an earlier flight. After: Nope. I'd rather book later, take my leisurely time and not stress about what could/might/may go wrong (even though it'll probably turn out fine). Especially since we have to get all the way back to the left coast.
  6. I love the idea of the bar glasses. My DH got a Red Frog pint glass onboard and it's one of those things that makes him happy every time he pulls it out of the cupboard to use it. And he jokes if it breaks we'll just have to book another cruise to replace it. ;) Lucky guy to have you spoiling him, have fun!!
  7. Almost - it's per person, not per cabin. One regular 750mL bottle of wine per person 21+.
  8. Cheers doesn't pencil out for me - plus I'm the type that would take it as a challenge and order more than I would without it. I've ordered bottles in the past and have them ordered for our upcoming cruise (3 different bottles in 3 rooms). Even at 1L bottles, it's more expensive at home - but ounce for ounce it's still cheaper than at the bar. I cringe at the price when I'm putting in the order... but it's ended up working out well for us. 3 sea days and a balcony make it worth it. Or 4 girls on a 4 day getaway. ;)
  9. me-shel

    Any downsides to anytime dining?

    We've ended up with a wait, but that was the exception. Only once we waited long enough that I stepped back up and asked "is there a table ready yet?" and was immediately seated. And that may have been formal night? An upside was we were once seated at a table we didn't like (high traffic area) so we asked to be seated elsewhere with no problem. It also let us split up if people wanted to go at different times. YTD would be my go-to choice. One downside might depend on how many people you have. We have a larger group on our upcoming cruise so we did early, just because we don't want to have to keep checking in with everyone about "what time to have dinner" each day. Instead, it's just "See everybody at 6:00!"
  10. me-shel

    Paying for cruise with discount gift cards

    I've used them for both. You can use them to make a payment on your booking. You can hand them over when you board to have the money available on your account.
  11. Having Room Service = enjoying a tasty treat delivered to you if you call for it. Having your Room (Cabin) Serviced = clean up, beds made, fresh towels, etc. Once or twice a day. Two separate things that I miss equally when I'm at home. As others have said, no need to sign up for any excursions if it's not what suits you.I'm a big planner but let my hubby be in charge of Aruba since he'd been there before. Big mistake. We got off the ship and he started reading signs, looking around to see what there was to do.... We ended up taking a very loooooong walk on the beautiful beach, and eventually back to the ship. I am a fan of beach days, but that's the last time he was in charge of research. ;p
  12. me-shel

    Deposit amount

    If the new rate has a regular deposit, you have to pay up the full deposit in order to get the price drop. We'd booked Early Saver with $50pp deposit. I saw a price drop, but now the deposits had to be $250pp. I had to pay up the extra $200pp deposit to get the price drop. Paid money to save money, but ended up with a lower price overall. It was kind of in the 'fine print' of the price drop, if I remember correctly I could've missed it if I hadn't heard and expected this would happen.
  13. me-shel

    Fascination 10/29 Just got cancelled. Now what

    Well, I got my own question answered by the PVP that contacted us to help with rebooking. FYI: 100% credit will be for the base fare. If base fare is less than what we booked: We forfeit the difference. If base fare more than we booked: We will pay the difference. We will still need to pay for taxes, fees, gratuities, etc. Now, to find another sailing..... ;p
  14. me-shel

    Fascination 10/29 Just got cancelled. Now what

    We were on the 10/22 sailing and are getting the full refund plus 100% FCC. My question: 100% of which amount? There's a difference between 100% of the base fare (like you'd see in the Carnival Fare viewer) and the "all-in" total when you do an actual booking that includes port fees, etc. Hypothetically speaking: what happens if we find a replacement cruise for EXACTLY the same rate? Will we potentially still pay the taxes/fees out of pocket? We've got 9 people / 4 rooms, so it'd be nice to know as we're researching our options.
  15. me-shel

    Scuba + DSD: Antigua or Grenada?

    Harris - I couldn't have asked for a more perfect response! I'm emailing them right now, thank you so much.