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  1. They do have a daily program. Much shorter than what you will find on a 3,000 person ship. IMG_3285.HEIC
  2. Keep in mind that Chesapeake shipbuilding also builds ferries and tugboats. The parts you were looking at may be for one of those boats rather than a cruise ship.
  3. Would not be surprised to see people in nice jeans for dinner in Alaska where the weather is cooler than the lower 48.
  4. Looks like 2/3 of the people signed up for the cruise had to cancel due to the last minute vaccine requirement. That's 70+ people who are probably very unhappy with ACL. Wonder if they got their money back or if the are stuck with vouchers?
  5. Cwatts15. - were you allowed off the ship on your own or did you have to stay with a ship’s excursion?
  6. Thanks for a complete update!
  7. Coffee should be available early. With Covid, the self service breakfast is probably a thing of the past. Not sure of breakfast hours, something like 7:30-8:30, lunch is 12:00 or 12:30 depending on tour return times. Dinner starts after happy hour at 6:30. They used to have everyone go at once, but a few years ago they spread it out to open dining. Sit down between 6:30 and 8:00(I think) they have soda, juice, water, ice, cookies, granola bars, chips, pretzels, etc. available all day in one of the lounges. As I recall they bring out fresh baked cookes in late afternoon, but they are
  8. Rebooked a cruise on Thursday and the ACL agent said all cruisers thru April 30th will need the vaccine.
  9. I’ve been following the Independence on Marinetraffic and it has been hitting all the ports on the schedule.
  10. I was looking for a laundry room on the deck plans and didn't find one. Is there one, and if so where? Do they have laundry service? Don't know Where is the best place to get early morning coffee? Any specialty coffee available, like a latte or capucino? They usually have self service in one of the lounges. probably no specialty at an early hour. I see there are a number of large lounges throughout the ship. Also small lounges. How do they differ in what they provide? Large rooms are for ship's events, cocktail parties, evening entertainment, etc. Small lounges are quiet spaces f
  11. Looks like ACL did make a change to their online COVID Protocol. Looks like they added the following sentence in BOLD letters: These requirements may vary depending on the region and dates of travel, but at a minimum will include the requirement for a negative COVID-19 test result. Pretty vague and nothing specific for travelers.
  12. Something doesn’t sound right. There is nothing on their website or in the news referencing this change. Their website still requires a negative PCR test and they recommend a vaccination but it is not required. Has anyone else been told of this requirement.
  13. Here is how they do things. At breakfast, they give you a card with the Lunch and Dinner menus and ask you to chose what you want. It's not binding, but helps them get an idea of how much to prepare. If you are not happy with any of he offerings and want something simple like grilled chicken breast or a burger, they can usually accommodate you. I was on an ACL cruise with some younger kids and all they wanted was burgers, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. One afternoon, the family stopped at Taco Bell and the restaurant manager wasn't happy when they showed up in the dining room for dinner c
  14. Independence is out in the Atlantic, headed south towards Amelia Island as of Friday afternoon.
  15. The first ACL Cruise is scheduled for this Saturday, March 13th. The Independence, leaving from Amelia Island on the Historic South trip. Since last June, the Independence and the Star have been moored side-by-side in Brunswick, GA. The Indy was blocked in by the Star and the Star just moved a few hundred yards up the river and docked. The Indy is now clear to leave. I’m expecting the Indy to leave for Amelia Island either tonight or tomorrow so it can be in Amelia Island for a Saturday boarding. Fingers crossed as I’m sailing next month on the Star. I’ll keep an eye on the track to see whe
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