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  1. Some lines have stopped selling "stomach" meds over the counter. Their concern is people may have noro and try to self medicate and in turn, infect the other passengers on the ship. They want you to go to the med facility and see the doctor/nurse to see if you have noro or just ate too many burgers/pizza/ice cream/etc.
  2. BaumD

    Prepare for Itinerary Change May 1 2019

    American Cruiseline ships are built in Salisbury, MD.
  3. BaumD

    History of Cruises

    My Grandparents took their honeymoon cruise from NYC to Bermuda on the SS Fort Victoria in 1926. It sank in New York Harbor in 1929, Just Google "SS Ft. Victoria". I did some internet research on the ship a few years ago and it was a "cruise ship".
  4. Did a 4 night lower Mississippi on ACL and saw three plantation homes. They usually have a golf cart to take the less mobile from the ship to the house, but touring the house is all on foot and most if not all, have a second floor. No elevators in those days!
  5. BaumD

    Symphony Debarkation

    You will more than likely be off the ship by 8:00 or 9:00. Your biggest problem will be sitting around the airport waiting for your flight.
  6. BaumD

    Grand Heartland Cruise

    I hope you mean August 2019, if not, you missed the cruise already.
  7. BaumD

    Carrying on Soda?

    Have your taxi/uber stop at a drugstore or grocery on the way from the airport to the pier.
  8. The crew on the ship probably knows the color coding and it may make it easier and faster for them to distribute luggage by deck, fore, midship, aft.
  9. BaumD

    Central Park balcony

    Sorry to disagree with most posters. Just returned from Symphony's 1st 7 night out of Miami. Had a deck 10 Central Park Balcony. During the day (usually 2pm-6pm) when the pool band is playing, you can't escape the music. Extremely loud if you are on the balcony and even if you are inside the cabin with the doors closed, music is still loud. In the evening the guitar player (who was right below my cabin) was playing soothing music, so no complaints there.
  10. BaumD

    Driving to Fort Lauderdale

    Agreed. Easy and cheaper.
  11. Yes their is one seating ( usually at 6:30). There is a free cocktail hour from 5:30-6:30 and at the end of the cocktail hour people tend to walk from the lounge down to the dining room. I'm sure they would serve you 30 minutes later, but if you are at a table for 8, you will be out of syncs with your table mates.
  12. The safe in your cabin is similar to those in a hotel room. You set your own 4 digit code to open it. Just make sure you check it thoroughly the last morning to be sure you haven't left anything, jewelry, passport, money, etc. I usually open the safe the last night before going to bed. The safe has a battery in it and if the battery dies, you have to have maintenance and a security person come to open the safe for you, not what you need the last morning when rushing to catch a flight.
  13. Passport. Before you leave home make a color copy of the photo page. Keep that with you. As soon as you get in your cabin, put passports in the safe. DO NOT touch them until the last day. If for some reason you miss the ship, security will go into your safe and leave passport with port agent. Chances you will have your passport stolen or lost is much much greater than you missing the ship.
  14. BaumD

    Flight Security

    OP is from the U.K. Not sure they are eligible for precheck.
  15. I would schedule your meeting for 2:00. That will give you some extra time. I've done the Everglades tour twice. After the airboat ride, there is an alligator show. If you are on time, you'll get to see the show. If running late, they may make you leave either before the show or during the show. There will be other people on the tour that have earlier flights than you, so they need to get them to the airport on time. The tour is a lot of fun, so try to do it.