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  1. A few years ago found the passenger manifest from my Grandparents honeymoon cruise on the SS Ft. Victoria from NYC to Bermuda in 1926. I tell people my first cruise was in 1926!!
  2. If you like your DC "ice cold" but not diluted with ice in a cup, don't plan on relying on the fridge in the cabin. They are more like coolers. A real fridge is at 37 degrees and these coolers are about 50. Bring a small waterproof cooler bag and have the cabin attendant fill it with ice daily and use that to cool your DC.
  3. No cruises that begin AND end in Alaska Most cruises that start in Alaska either end in Vancouver or Seattle (some may go to SF)
  4. I saw a pink elephant after too many Coco Locos
  5. Keep in mind, most everything is closed down in the morning and staying as late as possible involves sitting around doing nothing.
  6. Just received my renewal card. Took about 2 weeks. As others have said, their website can be confusing and a bit difficult to navigate.
  7. You may get thru the GE line in Fort Lauderdale, but your kids won't, so unless you leave then alone, your GE card won't help.
  8. If you bring one, they will confiscate it at security.
  9. Sometimes the packages disappear for holiday sailings and you are on an Xmas cruise. Had that happen to me on a Thanksgiving cruise last year.
  10. I've been saving this empty wine bottle for over 20 years. Wonder if it worth anything?
  11. On a Caribbean cruise, no alcohol for the 18 year old either. They must be 21 to drink
  12. I believe one person in the cabin must stay on the reservation
  13. Many time, the schedule you get for day 1, will have a recap of the evening dress for the entire cruise.
  14. Turn on airplane mode and leave it on for the entire cruise. When you turn Airplane mode ON, your wi-fi will go off. Just turn wi-fi back on and you're good for the cruise using ship's wifi.
  15. In 2017, there were 7,309 commercial aircraft in the USA. If 1% crashed each year that would be 73 crashes. Assume 200 people per plane, that's 14,600 people. Yup, that's a big deal.
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