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  1. Had an April 2020 cruise cancelled and received a voucher for 125% which we used to upgrade cabins for re-scheduled cruise in April 2021. Be careful about the "125%". Our Travel Agent handled the negotiation with ACL and the amount wasn't 125% of what we paid. Never got a clear understanding of what DIDN'T get 125%, but was probably related to TA commission, taxes or port fees or a combination of those three. Only got 100% of what they didn't include in the 125% voucher.
  2. If you opt-into their new cancellation policy, you will get a voucher for a future cruise if YOU decide to cancel and you will get a voucher for a future cruise if ACL decides to cancel or “postpone” your cruise. If you DON’T opt-in to the new policy, and you cancel your cruise within 45 days of sailing, you lose 100% of your money. If ACL cancels the cruise, you get your money back per the old contract terms. Here’s the question. Understand ACL has “postponed” all cruises thru April 10th. If you are under the old cancellation policy, does that mean if they postpone it, they will give you a voucher instead of a refund. So, is ACL postponing different from ACL cancelling a cruise? Anyone on a cruise between now and April 10th? What happened between you and ACL?
  3. Received a 2nd email with the revised info.
  4. Looks like ACL is following most of the larger cruise lines with their cancellation policy. What are you planning to do? Who is planning to cancel? Dear Valued Guest: In light of recent events, American Cruise Lines is introducing Cruise With Comfort, which provides flexibility for your upcoming travel. Although your cruise is scheduled to sail as planned, we understand the decision to travel is personal. Cruise With Comfort Offer: American Cruise Lines is offering guests with new and existing bookings for cruises departing March 9, 2020 through June 30, 2020 the ability to cancel for any reason up to 24 hours prior to the start of your Cruise Package and receive Cruise Vouchers equal to 100% of Amounts Paid. If you opt for this offer, these terms replace the cancellation terms that otherwise would have applied, whether our Standard Cancellation Terms or the terms of our Cancel For Any Reason Protection Plan. Terms-Definitions: “Cruise Vouchers” – each Cruise Voucher issued to you may be applied against one dollar of a future Cruise Package purchased by you. Cruise Vouchers have no cash value, are non-transferable, and must be used for travel within twelve months from the date of issuance. “Cruise Package” – the scheduled American Cruise Lines cruise occurring between the embarkation and disembarkation dates printed on your cruise confirmation and any additional tours, hotel nights, or transportation service purchased directly through American Cruise Lines, Inc. which appear on your cruise confirmation receipt. “Amounts Paid” – means the cash, check, or credit card amounts actually paid for your Cruise Package, including any deposits made to reserve your cruise package. Cruise Credits, certificates, vouchers, or discounts are not Amounts Paid as defined herein. “The Start of Your Cruise Package” – the scheduled start of your travel arrangements purchased from American Cruise Lines (cruise, hotel, ground or air transportation, and/or tour). For more information please contact us at 1-800-894-8570. If you would like to accept this offer for your upcoming cruise, please click “I Accept” below. By accepting this option, you have flexibility in changing your reservation. Your cruise is still confirmed.
  5. If you miss Victoria, I'm assuming next stop is in the USA. As the cruise ends in San Diego, you won't be able to board at a USA port as that would be a violation of the PSVA.
  6. No pens, pads or pencils on single IV cabins. Maybe that's because there are no drawers to put them in!!
  7. Just back from the Edge. Read many reports how storage was lacking in the Single infinite veranda cabins, but figured it couldn't be that bad. I was wrong -- it is worse! The Bathroom - A normal cruise bathroom, three small corner shelves above the vanity, 1.5 shelves under the vanity, a drawer under the sink, but it is filled with extra tissue, TP and the hair dryer, two small hooks on the bathroom door and 2 small hooks in the shower. A hint, no pull-out clothes line. Take about 6' of thin clothes line or string, tie a loop and hook it over the top of the shower control and tie the other end to one of the shower hooks. The Cabin - A 24" wide closet with one full rod and one lower 1/2 width rod. No shelves in the closet other than the floor of the closet. There is a white cabinet that looks like lots of storage, but.....left side has the safe with two shelves under the safe, that are very low. One shelf had our beach towels. There is a hook on the side of the cabinet. The nightstand is a little 3 cube piece of furniture with each cube being about 8"x 8" square, maybe 16" deep (no doors). There is a stool with a removable top (great for dirty clothes). NO drawers in the cabin, only the two small shelves. If you look at the door to the refrig, it looks like a door and a drawer, but when you open it, the fridge takes up the entire area. Maybe the plan was to put a drawer above the fridge, but either the fridge was too big or they decided the heat from the fridge would be a problem. I know the cabin is only for one person, but where do you put your socks, underwear, shorts, bathing suits.......Many live out of their suitcase (other than the items you can hang in the closet). One reason I cruise is the suitcase goes under the bed on day 1 and doesn't come back out til the night before the end of the cruise. The designer of this cabin and Celebrity should be embarrassed.
  8. If your TA looked for 13 cabins on Royal Caribbean's Sensation, she wouldn't find any as Sensation is a Carnival ship !!!
  9. Most large cruise ships have satellite wifi sytems that don't rely on a cellular connection. Smaller ships like ACL use cellular based wi-fi systems. No or weak cell service - no wi-fi. Not sure the cost of a satellite system would make sense for a ship with 100-150 passengers.
  10. Trying to decide where to stay after the cruise, at Amelia Island or Downtown Jax. Don't want to make reservations in Amelia and find out we get off in Jax (vis-a-versa also).
  11. Taking the Historic South and Golden Isles Cruise in a few months from Charleston to Jacksonville. I called a few months ago ans ACL assured me the cruise ends in Jacksonville. Now the website say: Day 8Jacksonville, FL Area (Amelia Island) Where do you get off the ship on the last morning, Amelia Island or Jacksonville? I know they are close (maybe a 45 minute drive)
  12. An iPad you buy onboard will probably have a US charger, not a British charger. Both would be multi voltage, but the pins would be different and you would need an adapter in England.
  13. Although legal according to the PVSA, there may be immigration/customs issues in debarking early. as others have said, ask Celebrity and get their answer in writing.
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