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  1. I think you will find that 20% off the 30% discounted price, or 30% off the 20% discounted price, works out to the same $$$ value When we rebooked through TA, NCL deducted 20% off the base price, applied the 25% bonus FCC, and the result was shown on our confirmation as "Guest fare". 30% off the 20% discounted price was a separate line item as "savings" on the confirmation and deducted from "Guest Fare". Someone else on these boards has reported the discounts working out differently.
  2. FCC is usually % of the value of the cruise that was cancelled, or in some cases it is given due to issues on a current cruise, and it is % of the cost of that cruise. You should see it in your account, if you don't you should call your TA or NCL.
  3. Seems like you are missing your 10% FCC, if that's what you were promised, however most if not all of this discussion is about cruises that were suspended until April 11 2020 due to COVID-19, where NCL offered 100% FCC, plus 25% bonus FCC, plus additional 20% discount if another cruise is booked by April 10. If your cruise was for 2021 I don't think it will apply to you.
  4. It wasn't my TA either, I meant NCL agent.
  5. Well that's a contentious issue.... We were told that the 25% bonus FCC cannot be used towards shore excursions, it can only go towards the cruise fare, so if you are guest 3 or 4 and they have a sale where 3rd and 4th guest are "free" on the new booking, you cannot use that 25% bonus on that cruise, not even towards taxes, port fees, or anything else. It is left in your account for another cruise. The remaining 100% FCC from the 3rd and 4th person can be applied to the new booking. That is our experience up to this point. We are hoping, and others on these boards have been told, that anything left over from the FCCs can be used for shore excursions.
  6. It's hard to fathom how one agent can calculate it one way, and another agent calculates it differently. I prefer the way they calculated mine ... lol
  7. Same here... FCC was a bit different due to different shore excursion purchases. Good luck!
  8. When you have your booking confirmation I would be interested to know if they applied it that way (25% FCC first, then 20% of the result) because ours is definitely the opposite and the 20% works to be a better $$$ amount than what you were told. I would argue that the 20% is a discount on the fare, whereas the FCC is a form of payment. Even the 30% discount current sale is deducted on the fare after 20% but before 25% FCC.
  9. If you opted for the FCC it will (should) include shore excursions. If you filled in the form for a refund the total amount will go back to the original form of payment within 90 days. That's how I read the FAQs, and I can confirm that our shore excursions were included in the FCC. How it is split between booked passengers seems to differ, according to posts on this board. We had 4 passengers including 2 teens, FCC went to each person, amount being that person's cruise fare, taxes and fees, and whatever was purchased and applied to their name.
  10. The poster asked how the 20% discount worked, when looking at an online booking. That is what I was trying to explain, based on my own experience when I rebooked. Yes it is confusing. They did deduct the bonus 25% FCC from the cruise fare. The remaining 100% FCC is available to apply to the total owing. That is my experience. For the example in the image that I posted (not my booking), if calculated the same way they calculated mine: (lets assume original fare on cancelled booking was 1000, so the bonus 25% would be 250 for a total of 1250 FCC) 1578.53 (full fare) -315.70 (20% discount) -------------- 1262.83 -250 (deduct the 25% portion of the FCC) ------------ 1012.83 On the Confirmation invoice that you get from NCL it is shown like this: "Guest Fare" 1012.83 "Taxes and Fees" 239.74 "Savings" -378.85 (this is 30% discount off 1262.83) "Gross Total" 873.72 The remaining FCC (1000 in above example) is available to apply to the deposit/final payment. I hope that explains it better. My letter said book by April 10 for 20% discount.
  11. Doesn't it work out to be the same amount in $$$$ either way? The way it is shown on the Confirmation invoice is not straight forward though, because they do not show the full fare, the 20% discount, or the 25% FCC. They just show the result of those deductions as "Guest Fare", and the 30% as a "Savings" deduction.
  12. My experience FCC's go to each person in the amount that was applied to each person, so if 3 and 4 were free they would only get taxes, port fees, and anything else that was paid in their name eg prepaid grats, shore excursions.(regardless who paid it) Two FCCs were applied to each of us (4 people) - one for 100% and one for 25% We were told that the 25% FCC can only be applied to the "cruise fare" on a new booking, so persons 3 and 4 could not use that 25% FCC if 3 and 4 are "free" on the new booking. Their 25% FCC goes into their account for another future cruise. We are currently in dispute over this, as FAQ says FCCs can be used for any purchase except OBC The 100% FCC can be used for the new booking. We applied persons 3 and 4 100% FCC as the deposit. Persons 1 and 2 have their 100% FCC in account to pay for final payment, and hopefully shore excursions with leftovers.
  13. For those of you who already booked with the FCC, how did the additional 20% discount (the one on top of the 25% FCC) work? See below When I am looking online, and doing a booking, once everything is totaled, can I just deduct 20% to estimate what my cost will be? No. When looking online and doing a booking, once you have selected cabin and free at sea options, click on "view details" below the total cost, you will see something like this: (Ignore the "Now" amount, that is 30% off sale, but your 30% off is calculated AFTER 20% is deducted.) 20% is deducted from the "Cruise fare" (the amount crossed out in red) 25% bonus FCC is deducted after 20% The result will be shown on your confirmation as "Guest Fare" Taxes Fees Port expenses listed as usual The next line item on Confirmation is "savings". This is the 30% discount. It is calculated on the cruise fare after the 20% has been deducted, but before the 25% FCC is applied. And I assume since payment is by credit that NCL already owes us, we dont need to place a deposit? Correct, assuming the FCC amount is enough to cover the required deposit. Then, if we wish to cancel the booking prior to what would be the final payment date, do I get the FCC back? Yes according to the FAQs If the price for my cruise goes down, do we get that back in FCC? Or do they have some caveats which prohibit adjustments when NCL lowers the price on the cruise? Cannot answer that, I guess time will tell.
  14. They are 15 and 16. Yes they issued FCCs in their names. It seems to be only the 25% FCC that is the problem. We were able to use the teens' 100% FCC as deposit on the booking. NCL agent told our TA that all four 25% FCC's had been applied. Problem is you don't see it on the confirmation, 20% discount and 25% bonus FCC are all applied and only the result is shown under "Guest Fare". TA was told that the amount under "savings" was the 25% but it wasn't. "savings" is the amount for the current 30% off sale. It took me a while to figure out how they had calculated everything. One of the FAQs is regarding one person on a booking wanting 125% FCC while another on same booking wants refund, the answer they gave is that they are working on a solution. You could question them on that. We still got their 100% so I guess it works out to be the same. Hope that helps.
  15. We have re-booked through our TA. It seems that the FCC's are split, 100% and 25% bonus Apparently the 25% bonus FCC must be applied to guest fare only, cannot be used for anything else. Where is that written? In our new booking: Passengers 3 and 4 could not apply the 25% FCC to the guest fare, because they sail "free" Fine then, we will use their 25% bonus FCC for shore excursions Nope! "not allowed" says NCL agent, to which we responded "FAQs say FCC can be used for any purchase except OBC, does not specifically say 25% bonus FCC can only be applied to guest fare" "25% is a discount not FCC", says the NCL agent. Wait, what? In the letter, and in FAQ's, it is called FCC. "OK then, passengers 1 & 2 will accept the 125% FCC, while 3 and 4 want a refund". Nope! not allowed. So passengers 3 and 4 are stuck with FCC that must be applied to yet another cruise that they will likely never use. They are teens, one of them a friend. (I should add that their 100% FCC is applied to the new booking) TA is escalating this issue but not sure if it will be resolved. Oh well, although annoying, we are grateful for 20% discount plus 25% FCC off passengers 1 & 2 guest fare, and were able to get more Free at sea stuff than our previous suspended sailing, with a little left over in passengers 1 & 2 accounts for shore excursions, although we will likely have to fork out more depending on what we book. Fingers crossed our December sailing will be a go.
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