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  1. Perfect, isaiahsnana - this is exactly what we'd like to do. :) We made the reservations today, so woo hoo! We're cruisin'!
  2. Thanks, SadieN! For the sofas that don't make a daybed, what is that sofa like? Has anyone seen one of those? Is it short, like a loveseat with fixed arms?
  3. Hi, all! We need some info about the sofa in category 7A, rooms 5185/87/89 or thereabouts. Is the sofa the kind where you can take the bolster off and use it as a third single bed? If it's shorter than a regular single, how much shorter, roughly speaking? All of my experience, including searches of photos & videos of relevant staterooms and categories, suggests yes, but Carnival insists otherwise, that the sofa, if there is one, can't be slept on. At issue, we're cruising in a group of 5 cabins / 10 people / 2 per cabin with three teens amongst us. We want to know if all three teens could sleep in the same cabin if they wanted. We have the "teen room" bracketed on either side by the parent / grandparent cabins, so we can ride herd and minimize possible annoyance of other cruisers. ;) Thanks in advance! Friday
  4. Come now, reductio ad absurdum is a classic and time-honored rhetorical device. :D
  5. Yes, please do bring your own blow dryer. See, the ones in the desks aren't bad, but the one attached to a hose in the bathroom must be awfully hard on the poor cabin steward who has to stand on the other side of the wall and blow. :D
  6. @ScopeWest (who asked on a previous incarnation of this thread) The headliners are mostly science fiction and fantasy writers, though the workshop is open to writers in any genre. They are: David Farland, aka Dave Wolverton (Runelords series, The Courtship of Princess Leia) Kevin J. Anderson (the newer Dune books, multiple NYT bestsellers) Rebecca Moesta (the Young Jedi Knights series) Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl At the moment, we haven't planned a public signing due to the difficulties inherent in getting the authors' books available in the giftshops for such a thing. All of them are very gracious, however, and would be more than happy to sign a copy anyone already had with them.
  7. Sept. 29, 2013 - Caravel Writing Workshop, approx 40 people including some headliner authors. I'm not expecting them to be rowdy as they have class all day and will be looking for quiet places to hole up and write during the evenings.
  8. Thanks again. :) I will check with my tax person. I'm hoping that the tuition for the program will be deductible even if the travel expenses aren't. (You don't have to answer the implied question; I'm assuming you're a tax professional of some sort and I don't want to impose. :) ) This crowd probably can't afford Hawaii airfare, and I'd rather move to a hotel than do NCL. My hunch is that we'll still do the cruise if the workshop fee is deductible.
  9. @Cat - Very nice to hear about the Amsterdam, thank you! @Langoustine - ooh, very interesting. I'll have to read up on that, thank you. From what you've said, it sounds like there isn't any scenario where a workshop held on a HAL ship would be deductible. The ports of call would be irrelevant b/c the ships are not US-registered, correct? As for the hours, ha! I will be working the poor attendees to death with 6 - 7 hours of daily instruction, plus homework. See, once I have them on the ship, they can't get away. ;)
  10. Hi, all! I'm looking into holding a professional workshop on a HAL ship. For reasons of itinerary and schedule, my choices come down to Amsterdam or Statendam. I've cruised on several HAL ships, but never one of these ladies. I know nothing about the Amsterdam, but what I've read of Statendam makes me leery. My presenters have probably cruised before, but I'd guess mostly not for the attendees. Would anyone like to comment of the suitability of either one for a workshop involving approx. 20 guests and three presenters? Many thanks! Friday
  11. Thank you both. Is there an ATM in the Southampton terminal? We'll need GBP for that cab, I'm guessing. :)
  12. My cruise pal and I are going on a Harry Potter and JRR Tolkien pilgrimage starting June 5th. Our itinerary includes Salisbury, Oxford, York and Edinburgh. I've heard that there are lots of related sights in Oxford and York, but I know next to nothing about what / where they are. Can anyone help? Salisbury is mostly for Stonehenge, and Edinburgh is for Edinburgh itself, but if there are geeky fantasy reader sights in either location, please tell me. :) (e.g Diana Gabaldon?) Thanks! Friday
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