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  1. Oh gosh now i'm in a dilemma lol I don't know whether to book #1075 ( with foot stools lol) or # 8279 1A without footstools. Help!!
  2. Hi thanks for the info, #2111 is gone now , would C2 1075 be a good next choice?
  3. Hi Thank you so much for your input! Final payment is in 10 days, there's not a lot of CC left but I'm not going ahead with those cabins now after hearing replies lol. Could you tell me, do the A1 cabins have foot stools? If not I might just go ahead with the cabin on deck 8 but will change sides so I don't have the smoke waffling up lol, We can choose C1 but they are AFT and not sure how private they are from people looking down on your cabin? Which decks would be best < I've never been in an AFT cabin so not sure if I'd like just looking at the wake the whole time? Opinions would be
  4. Hello, I'm hoping for some help on these cabins please, should I go for the 1A 8279 or go a higher deck to a C2 cabin 2111, 2144 or 1552, all are the same price, so not sure whether to take the C2 because of foot stools or take the 1A without stools? Help please lol Cheers Jill
  5. I was just reading all your cruises with Holland, Wow so many 🙂
  6. I think I'd prefer the overhang, looks a bit more protected if we had rain etc? Thank you again for your replies.
  7. Thank you for posting the pic, I want that veranda now 😀
  8. Do you think it would be more protection in the cabin with the overhang from rain maybe ,going to Alaska ?
  9. Wow thanks for that, looking at that people can look out the window from lido to your balcony hahaha? Might go under the overhang?
  10. Thank you for the info, yes we've decided not to book the connecting room , our choice now is BC 044,046,048,050,061,or065. decisions decisions lol
  11. Sorry what do you mean Overhang? We've never been on Maasdam, does that mean the Balcony roof is more covered lol?
  12. Thank you so much to everyones posts, really appreciated. Would BC 044 cabin be a better choice as its not connecting, on the other side , its a little closer to the pool? The cabins after BB or BC jump up to over $800 so that's not an option lol Thanks again, Jill
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