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  1. O No! Does this mean the the $75. President's Cut Tomahawk Steak (that no one ever ordered) will now be off the menu?
  2. Cruise ship denied entry at Guam port Guam has become the latest to reject the cruise ship MS Westerdam which sought entry into the island's only civilian seaport after the Philippines and Japan rejected its requests for a stopover. "Passengers may be infected with the 2019 novel coronavirus," stated the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration Friday afternoon. The U.S. State Department had asked the government of Guam to accept the entry of the ship which has 1,455 guests as well as 802 crew members, according to a press release from the governor's office. https://www.postguam
  3. Does anyone know if the Televisions on the Nieuw Statendam have either a bluetooth connection or a jack for headphones?
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