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  1. Thank you all who have taken the time to give great insight into this cruise and shared adventures and incredible photographs. It's amazing to have you all as a resource when trying to make these (tongue in cheek, first world problem) decisions. When ultimately decide what to do, it will have been with much consideration given to your responses. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all.
  2. DW and I are seriously looking at a 2021 Antarctic cruise and looking for opinions as the the necessity of having a balcony for the cruise. As we will likely be looking at the Westerdam (with a lot more veranda/suites available than the S class) we are wondering if the balcony is a necessity or strictly a luxury. Is it worth almost double the fare of a inside or outside? And before I get some of the " only you can make that termination" replies which I truly understand, I guess that I'm looking for your personal opinions and experiences of the positives and negatives that went into your selection. Thank you all in advance for your experience and learned opinions.
  3. Just off the Volendam today. We were the sixth of six ships arriving in the morning, including Zuiderdam and Veendam along a very large Princess and Royal Caribbean ship. We had a 10:30 flight to make. We were cleared to disembark around 8:15 and were in a taxi by 8:25. We were able to get through customs very quickly only because we had our Global Entry cards, otherwise there was a significant line through the process which would likely have added an additional 20-30 minutes. Hope this helps with figuring out the timing. You really should check out how many ships will be arriving on your return so there are no surprises. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. 1969 on the Franconia, New York to Bermuda, 7 days. $79.00 for a C deck berth with a group of Boy Scouts. Ah the good old days.
  5. I'm pretty sure the real problem is that Mr. Green has tied up Colonel Mustard with his own rope in the soon to be missing library HAL will be removing and can't decide to do with the soon to be empty spaces to bring in new revenue.
  6. Can't speak specifically the Westerdam, but on a trans-pac on the Noordam last year there was a dedicated pickle ball court with dedicated times for playing listed in the daily program. As a confirmed rookie ( and that is being kind) the first day consisted of 3 of us playing/hitting/chasing. ( and I use the term liberally). The second day it was advertised as a tournament and about a dozen people showed up ( many who were better than competent) and great fun was had by all. Subsequent days varied in participation but games continued on a daily basis. As to equipment, there were 4 paddles located in the playing area, all day long together with 6-8 balls. Paddles were wood and I am told beginner quality. Hope this helps.
  7. Thank you for updated wine list. Was there any indication which wines were included in the various wine packages available?
  8. Ryndam- Ft Laudeerdale to London 15 days Nieuw Amsterdam- Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale 16 days Noordam- Sydney to Honolulu (Vancouver) 18 days Prinsendam- Ft. Lauderdale to Lisboa 20 days We lave our sea days to recover form the stresses of work. (unfortunately we still do). As to east (Europe to US) The ports are usually at the start of the voyage so there is considerable down time for the last half of the cruise. As to the west (US to Europe) the voyage begins with a lot of days to relax and get ready for the ports and experiences at the end. As to the trans-pac It was a wonderful adventure at some south pacific islands that were reaxing in there own right, with sunny warm days on the ship as made you way to Hawaii. We need to do the northern trans-pac to complete the experience but that's for another day. As has been stated above, great value, lots of time to meet new friends and best way to really get away from it all so you can truly be yourself. Hope you find a great cruise and enjoy it as much as we have!
  9. We booked a Lanai for a November cruise a couple of months ago. I saw this promotion and were able to upgrade to a Signature Suite (difference in cost $371) but received the $300 OBC, $50 drink card and the two dinners. By my accounts I was able to upgrade and am at least $10 better off than not upgrading. (We're 4 star and obviously assuming we would have spent the same amount regardless). I had my PCC shaking his head over the phone.
  10. We had a similar situation where my wife and I had future cruise deposits and wanted to take our two adult children. We booked two rooms with my wife and I each taking one of the kids, (while only having to pay/apply the $100 cruise deposit per person). At the time of final payment, our PCC switched the rooms so my wife and I were in one room and the kids in the other. It took all of thirty seconds for the PCC to sort it out.
  11. Probably should check his passport and appropriate visa. As to the keel-hauling, I hear there are no more barnacles that would make it particularly unpleasant, but the azipods may be a problem.
  12. We have rented a cabana on the Konigsdam and can confirm that like the other ship's it is a great treat, particularly if you have have an inside cabin. The regular cabana does not have a full table like the Vista class ships but does have a small "box" , for lack of a better term with two chairs and two padded loungers. I believe the price was $499 for a 7 day cruise and $799 for up to a 12 day cruise. You can reserve them as a prior post has indicated by calling ship services. Our usual preference is having an aft facing cabana for ventilation purposes but the side cabanas on the Koningsdam did have additional air slots in the sides that made a much better air flow.
  13. We did this cruise with our family and hoe you enjoy it as much as we did. If you are flying into Venice, consider taking a launch form the airport into Venice particularly if you have a reservation at a hotel on one of the lagoons. There is nothing better than docking next to your hotel, if it is your first trip there. We stayed at the Agua Palace and enjoyed it immensely as it was 5 minute walk to the square and 3 minute walk to the Rialto bridge. The cruise ship is well away from the hotels and some form of transportation will be needed to get to the terminal. Wherever you stay, the hotel concierge will be able to help you. There are loads of off the beaten path restaurant for your enjoyment. Trip advisor is a great resource for reasonable tours. We returned to Rome after Citiveccia with a private car arranged through Viator which was reasonable and convenient as it brought us to our hotel near the Spanish Steps. If you intend to tour Rome on a small group tour, consider Livitaly who provides tours for groups of no more than 6, Starting with the Vatican, an hour earlier than is open to the public. It was a little pricey but for a full day tour with a guide who had both a doctorate in Archaelogy and Art History, we believed it to be well worth while. Enjoy!
  14. I just had to reply to the this thread. I was on that transatlantic and the back stories is as follows. The gentleman who was injured was on the treadmill using his walking cane for balance. When he discovered that the speed was too high for his liking, he asked his wife (who was with him) to slow the speed. Apparently she couldn't discern which was the correct button, and actually sped up the tread. The man lost his balance, went flying and two separated shoulders and a concussion later, Pinsendam was headed for Bermuda. I will not pass along comments made by other passengers but I'm sure you can imagine, particularly since the diversion took us far enough north to get us into a gray, inclement, 8-10 foot wave, weather pattern rather than the sunny mild course that had been planned. Two days after being transferred in Bermuda, word came that the gentleman was much better and was contemplating returning to the ship in Funchal. An informal poll of the remaining passengers resulted in a vote of "no return". And that's the rest of the Story------
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